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I don't need to pray for God, but for me to bring me closer to God.
God always knows our hearts, but prayer affects us so we spiritually grow and bring our souls closer to God.
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Andrea M. wrote:
I just got off the phone with Chris. What a delight he is to talk to. I never felt judged any time. How fascinating to know others and yourself better through Chris. Call him, you will probably feel like you're calling an old friend that you didn't know you liked so much.
Marcello B. wrote:
He's a genius.
Tiffany V. wrote:
I had a reading last year with Chris & I'm amazed! So many things he's told me has happened & he has helped me it's unreal, too many things to go into but I will say when it came to my health I'm absolutely amazed! If you want a good reading & I'm not just saying this because there's a lot of people who claim they're good but CHRIS IS THE REAL DEAL! His Gift Will Amaze You! I'm ready for another reading & it is well worth it! He truly has a Gods Gift & I recommend him. God Bless ...
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Get an All-Access Pass to the Other SideFor decades-on television, in consultations, and in packed auditoriums across the country- renowned psychic Sylvia Browne has been asked one question again and again: "What is my favorite celebrity doing on the Other Side?" Now, for the first time, you can follow the red carpet into the heart of the spirit world. Browne ...
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Annie B. asked:
I'm in such debt due to my own fault trying to help others. I just lost my job and over my head in debt. Will I get my job back taking care of my sister and get the pay that I need to make ends meet.
Yes, you will but you have to give it a maximum of about 3 weeks so try to get rest so you can recharge your batteries so that when the 3 weeks come to pass you're ready to go.
Alyson in Oceanside asked:
Hi Chris, I've been kinda obsessed with this guy and I just want to know if anything will every happen with him. Thanks!
He's a player and he's a jerk. Leave him alone and you'll find someone else. Get away from him.
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It's Been 3 Years Since Sylvia Graduated
Today and everyday I will cherish, remember and honor her! Today, marks the 3 year anniversary of my mothers graduation with honors. She has left behind such valuable lessons, teachings and knowledge! Her radiant spirit and love lives on, she is forever in my heart! I love and miss you mom!🌟🙏 -Chris
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