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Ask Chris
Scotty from OR asked:
My question for Chris: A few years back Sylvia mentioned she was writing a book about Judas. Was she able to complete this book and will it be published?
The book is completed and it will be published, yes.
Jennifer from AR asked:
What should I know about my upcoming implant surgery?
If you do exactly what the doctor tells you to do and rest, I think it's going to go fine.
Balvina from CA asked:
Chris, any health issues you see for any family member of mine that you think should be addressed?
Nothing life threatening, except that you have got to watch your blood sugar level. It's becoming high.
Vicki from ND asked:
My question to you - what was my last life like?
I think it was very difficult. I think it was in the cowboy and indian western time period and I think there was some type of starvation, so I think it was difficult. You may really love to eat food nowadays though.
Mike from CA asked:
Hi, I would really like to know my career path.
It's going to be in the high tech field with computers.
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