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Ask Chris
Lora in Canada asked:
Hi Chris, My son just told me that he's gay. I took this news very hard and I have not spoken to him since. I am so scared that he could ruin his life and his career. Is he really gay? Will he be okay? Thank you for stepping in for your mom, she will be missed.
Thank you for appreciating my mom and love is love. Whether it is a man that loves a man or woman that loves a woman or a woman that loves a man or visa versa, love is love. And, yes he is gay. I believe that you have known this for a long time; you just had a difficult time accepting this yourself. And yes, he is going to die and go to heaven eventually in many years to come and God is not going to have any problem with it. Get over it!
Ashley in FL asked:
What is the name of my true love? And will I be with him temporary or forever? Thank you
Here is where I have a little bit of a problem. I am not really good with names. I am better at initials and much better at descriptions. Names will change, people go by nicknames, second name, abbreviate their names, who knows what. So I am not good at that and I won't give you something that can be wrong. But the description is medium brown hair, hazel eyes, 5'10" height wise, which is average. Weight, maybe 180 - 185 lbs, longer torso than legs and a larger nose that looks complimentary to him and has a little bit of a lisp. And I believe the first initial to his first name is the letter G, but I don't know the rest of the name.
Balvina from CA asked:
Chris, any health issues you see for any family member of mine that you think should be addressed?
Nothing life threatening, except that you have got to watch your blood sugar level. It's becoming high.
Vicki from ND asked:
My question to you - what was my last life like?
I think it was very difficult. I think it was in the cowboy and indian western time period and I think there was some type of starvation, so I think it was difficult. You may really love to eat food nowadays though.
Mike from CA asked:
Hi, I would really like to know my career path.
It's going to be in the high tech field with computers.
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