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Andrea M. wrote:
I just got off the phone with Chris.  What a delight he is to talk to.   I never felt judged any time. How fascinating to know others and yourself better through Chris.  Call him, you will probably feel like you're calling an old friend that you didn't know you liked so much.
Marcello B. wrote:
He's a genius.
Tiffany V. wrote:
I had a reading last year with Chris & I'm amazed! So many things he's told me has happened & he has helped me it's unreal, too many things to go into but I will say when it came to my health I'm absolutely amazed! If you want a good reading & I'm not just saying this because there's a lot of people who claim they're good but CHRIS IS THE REAL DEAL! His Gift Will Amaze You! I'm ready for another reading & it is well worth it! He truly has a Gods Gift & I recommend him. God Bless ...
Charlie J. wrote:
He is amazing. Everything 100% correct from his mom and him the last 8 years. Love them.
Andrea O. wrote:
You answered many questions with such accuracy that I am constantly telling those I know, "Chris told me about that!"  Am I still destined to obtain a Masters in Healthcare Administration? Therefore, I know whatever answer you give me will be exactly what I need to hear to pick myself up out of this desert period and keep living. I have had suicidal thoughts throughout these past two years. I just need a glimmer of hope. Thank you.
April wrote:
I had my first reading ever with Chris this evening. Unreal. Thank so much for your gift. I believe I finally found some peace. -April
Phyllis Wood wrote:
Hi Chris, I just had a reading with you Feb. 04 2015. I am so happy with the reading you did. I was in a relationship didn`t really know what was going but you were right. So I broke that off. I am waiting until next year and to meet the one take will take care of me instead of me being a care taker. I am so much happier since I had my ready. You were so right. Thanks from the bottom on my heart. I would have made a bad mistake. Thanks
Keisha V. wrote:
Thank you for keeping Sylvia's work and legacy alive, utilizing the gifts God has blessed you with, and for leading others to find their way towards fulfilling their God given destinies. May God continue to bless you and your work.
Carrie F. wrote:
Thank you Chris for the awesome reading I received earlier tonight. I greatly appreciate the guidance I was given. I can't wait to meet the love of my life! Besides my son.
Brenden Q. wrote:
I want to thank Chris for his insight into some of the issues I was dealing with as a young man. At the time I felt alone, but his readings helped me to realize that I am never alone, that my Heavenly Father is always with me. It has been a hard road, having to make choices that sometimes go against normal societal conditioning. However, Chris helped me to know that I was on the right track, that my hard work would pay off, and it did! I feel I can sleep easier at night knowing that there are people like Chris in the world who understand what love is and how that love can be shared. Together, we can make the world a better place. Thank you Chris!
Michael D. wrote:
Chris I cannot measure the amouut you have helped me in this lifetime. You told me I was on my last life and now I don't take any day for granted. Because these truly are my last days on earth. Not that my life is going to end anytime soon though. I have learned so much in my time here and you helped me to understand my purpose. You seem like a great guy to be around also. And I would love to chill out with you someday in your lifetime
Dalia B. wrote:
Hi, I just wanted to give you some feedback about my wonderful experience with Chris last night. I went into the reading feeling as if I already knew what I wanted to do with my life and what I loved most, so I really was hoping for some validation from him. He did all this and more. Without me giving him any type of clues, he told me that my spiritual gifts are the two things i'm most passionate about in the world healing and writing and that I would be happiest going into a field with them which I have been planning! He also told me that my future just looks so wonderful and that all the plans I was hoping would make my life great WOULD. He also helped me validate parts of my life that I got over but was still questioning "why". I found Chris to be incredibly personable and sincerely caring about me personally. He was very pleasant and I just had the best time talking with him. I left the conversation so empowered to make my life the best it could be. I was already motivated before, but now I'm even motivated to do the things I lacked on. Thanks so much for an awesome experience. I have already recommended him to my friends. At least two of them said they will make an appointment this week!
Mary wrote:
Sylvia was a wonderful person,her heart was pure and she gave of herself in so many ways. During a very difficult time of my life I discovered her books, and they made a difference to me. At one point... though it was difficult to do it at the time....I managed to see her "live" in two performances and to speak with her. This was very meaningful and a special memory. My deepest sympathies go to her family at this difficult time.
Kel N. wrote:
I want to send you, your family and friends deepest condolences for your loss. Sylvia is loved by many and her sprit still lives. I have always been amazed and grateful for her gift, kindness and willingness to share it with everyone. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Mary Jane M. wrote:
Because of your Mother, my whole belief system has changed from what it became as I grew up in the Nazarene Church during the fifties. I now believe in reincarnation, but not Satan or Hellfire or Eternal Damnation. Most of my family still have what I like to call Backward Fear-Based Beliefs. Watching her on Montel was something I always looked forward to and if I missed her it was depressing. I really did miss her when Montel went off air and wanted very much to see her in person. There were so many questions I hoped to ask her. I know she is at peace now and I'm sorry your Family has lost her-at least temporarily.
Meredith G. wrote:
Chris and family, I want to send my sympathy to you and your family. I love and respect your mother and her work so much. She will be so missed by many people. Her work has helped me grow so much. With the help of a wonderful friend, I have been able to communicate with my mom and brother. Because of your moms willingness to share her gifts, I understand so much about what they are doing and that I can talk to them anytime. Our world is much better because of her work. She has given me so hope and helped me understand Home. Thank you, Meredith G
Francie G. wrote:
I feel a great loss with Sylvia passing. I know she's where she wants to be, I will miss her greatly.
Lori M. wrote:
I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom's passing. She did a reading for me about 7 years ago. I was going for a knee replacement and she told me that everything would be fine. Her words gave me the strength to get through the surgery. Her books and teachings have helped me so much over the years. I feel like I lost a spiritual teacher and friend. Love to you and your family at this time.
Cherise wrote:
I am just hearing about your loss please accept my deepest and sincerest sympathies. I really loved her... Cherise
Raffaela M. wrote:
We have lost one of the most precious women I have known. She has helped me so much with my personal life and I was hear broken when I heard she passed. I saw her once in Toronto and was hoping to get a reading at some point. I am praying for your family and and I am praying for Sylvia to be wrapped in Angels arms like she alwasy spoke of ..R.I.P. Sylvia
Tracy B. wrote:
i Chris Let me just say that I was shocked when my own mom who lives in AZ. told me of your mom's death. I am and have been a total die-hard fan of your mother-she was & will always be my "rock" in hard times-I have been through 2 divorces-the first one was when I was 28 or so years old & was'nt really familiar with sylvia at that time-but I started watching Montel in 2002 or so & was immediately taken with Sylvia & her vast knowledge of the psychic & the paranormal.I just want to say that my bookcase in my bedroom has several of her books-I am hooked on every one of them-she was such a fabulous & interesting writer of these subjects- & I will obviosly be adding to it.As a youngster, I was always reading ghost stories & authors who wrote "spooky stories " & now at 49 years old, still look at those books & self-help type books that tutor the "inner psychic we all seem to have to a degree. I am more aware of dreams, premonitions, etc. all thanks to your mother!!! Keep the trend going ,Chris - one day it would be great to get a reading from you-until then ,take care,-I hope you & your'e family are well-GOD BLESS YOU AND GOD BLESS SYLVIA--THANKYOU--TRACY B
Tammy N. wrote:
Dear Chris, Paul, and Mary, I was in such shock to hear of your mother's passing. She was such an inspirational, courageous person who not only followed her insight, followed her heart as well. May she rest in Peace. Bless your hearts and thank you so much for your tireless efforts. Love, Life, and Light
Yaeger J. wrote:
Yes, Sylvia did a great deal of good with her 77 years on the earth, and she established herself through her businesses, to continue after she physically is gone. However, I want to remind you all as plain as I can relay it to you. Sylvia has worked really hard to create her foundation to continue on with her movement, after her passing, which she is still in charge of, just from the other side. So, those of you who need to grieve, go ahead and grieve, but get back to business, stay in the positive of what she has done, and will continue to do, with all of your help. That is where you will find her. No appointments are necessary anymore. Much more can be done now, than what she was able to do in the physical body, so please don't shut the door on her, she is with you all just not in the form you no her as. Whatever help you need from her just ask in your prayers, she will here them all. Moreover, What she has built up, will not be dismantled if Sylvia has anything to say about it from the otherside, so learn to connect with her, and ask her how best to do that, she will show you.
Heddy J. wrote:
I Love your mother Chris, you and your mother are a part of my spiritual family. I love her and miss her but I know she is always around. My condolences and am so proud to be a part of Novus spiritus I will miss her dearly love,
Sharon A. wrote:
Sylvia changed many lives for the better through her teachings. I know she changed mine and deepened my faith in God, especially Mother God. The world lost a great teacher and inspirational psychic.
Rhonda N. wrote:
My Reading with Chris Dufresne was exactly right on !! From the description of the man that was coming into my life, including his job occupation, blue eyes, brown hair, and how this man would contact me. He also received with his wonderful ability of Psychic Reading the Purposeful Career that I would be doing which is "Research that would assist Children." He is Divinely Blessed with his God Given Ability, to help each of us with our Spiritual Charts that we wrote before coming to Earth. We Love You Chris, and Sylvia is surrounding you and Blessing you with lots of Love Everyday!! : Love to you, Rhonda N.
Geri wrote:
I am deeply grieved, I was reading one her on of book yesterday. Sylvia you will be sorly missed hope to chat with you from the other side. My prayers are with you and family love ya all! xox
Jerred L. wrote:
I just saw on CNN the top losses of the year & saw that Sylvia had passed and it has broken my heart. I have cried all morning and feel for her family and there loss. My mother who I lost 3 yrs ago was a huge fan and so as I. Growing up when ever we knew she had a appearance on a show my mom would let me stay home from school to watch her. She definitely touched our lives & who knows how many of thousands others. She was truly an amazing woman & I feel and hurt so much for her family for there loss. She will always be remembered....
Jan B. wrote:
To Chris, Paul & families and Sylvia's staff - I am so very sorry for your loss. I can still remember going to my first Novus service in Campbell in 1990 & crying through the whole thing because I finally felt like I had found where I belonged. Sylvia changed my life with the information, love & kindness that she shared with all of us. I am so very thankful for all of the time I got to spend with her & all of you. Please accept my deepest sympathy. "Little" Jan
Christina W. wrote:
I just wanted to say how sorry I am that all of us have lost her. My whole life has been shaped by the things that I learned from her books, and for that I will be forever grateful. She was a gift to the world! It hurts me that so many people try to discredit her, as she made the Earth a better place.
Dede R. wrote:
Miss you and know you you are around us now in spirit
Barbara D. wrote:
Velma S. wrote:
Chris, The one book that really helped me a lot was Life on the Other Side. Your Mom was an Angel now she's a Heavenly Angel. What she shared in her book helped me to come to terms with my Mom's passing, and the passing of all those I've loved and lost. I was blessed to have been able to see Sylvia in person a few times and will always cherish those memories. Thank you for sharing your Mom with our World. We loved her too. God Bless You. "Thank you, Sylvia, for the light you shined on my life and my World. May you rest in eternal peace, at home!"
Rita M. wrote:
Sorry to hear of Sylvia's passing - she will be greatly missed by all of her faithful followers. I am so happy I had the opportunity to see her this fall in PA. I am more happy to have had my book "ALL PETS GO TO HEAVEN" autographed by her. Rest in Peace Sylvia.
Carol F. wrote:
Chris, I want to express my heartfelt condolences to you and your family. I also just lost my mom and I know how you're feeling. Your mom has helped me so much in my life, and I have learned so many things from her. She was such a blessing to me. Peace Chris. Carry her torch well. XXOO
Corey wrote:
The world has lost a magnificent light known as Sylvia. This phenomenal woman helped me in so many ways with just one 2 minute phone call. For years I have suffered with emotional problems. I called into one of the radio shows Sylvia was on a few years back, and inquired about my past life. She told me I was a soldier in a lot of lives and saw a lot of blood shed. What I did not tell Sylvia is I had a dream a week or two prior to speaking with her, that I was in a military uniform, holding a gun running through an underground maze. I shrugged it off until Sylvia told me I was a soldier in a lot of my past lives. Wow She will be missed so much my deepest condolescences to her family.
Karyol R. wrote:
I am so sorry for your loss of Sylvia. My husband and I traveled the Caribbean twice with Sylvia and group.We loved and will always remember every encounter with Sylvia, no matter how brief it was. We also had our lives enlightened and forever change by her teachings. We will miss traveling Ohio to see and listen to a truly life-changing soul. I can only hope for another visit with Sylvia in my dreams. Again, I am very sorry for your family's loss.
Gina N. wrote:
I was truly inspired by Sylivia since reading her very first book. She an amazing person. She will be missed by so many. Namaste, Gina
Davina B. wrote:
Oh my, I had no idea, my condolences her biggest fan ,she. Shed a lot of light on the deepest darkest places in peoples lives,from me and my husband! Thanks.
Lisa wrote:
We have lost a shining light, and I my thoughts are with her family. Words cannot ease...
Martha H. wrote:
I love you Chris, sorry for your loss. Your mom was a great teacher who was loved very much by many.
Kimberely B. wrote:
I'm so sorry about Sylvia passing. I was a big fan of hers I loved reading her books. I really enjoyed all her appearances on Montel. Your family is in my prayers.
Lisa F. wrote:
Many many blessings to Chris and family, Your mom sylvia, taught many, many people to be light workers, I have been blessed to have seen her at a show and have had a reading with her many years ago. I have many of her , tapes and books, and now I am a light worker myself, sylvia god bless you! Now you can rest, but I know your probably working.
Donna O. wrote:
Dear Chris, It took me almost a month to write this & I'm still crying due to the loss of your beloved mother. She was my mentor & my teacher & my friend. Several yrs ago I sent your mom an old cross necklace for Christmas. She wore it during one of her online lectures. She held onto the cross for a moment to let me know she received it & to thank me. There are no words to describe how much she will be missed by thousands of people just like me. I heard your mom say "good night, sweetheart" the day she left us. God BLess, Donna O
Susan F. wrote:
I am so sorry for your loss. We all know she is in a better place and will be watching over you and your families. God Bless!!
Bob W. wrote:
I am so sorry for your loss Chris. Yet I rejoice in Sylvia"s return home, which is a joful perfect peace celebration on the other side I am sure. May Mother Azna and the angels be with you and all in Novus Spiritus as the transition takes place. My prayers are with you Chris as the heavy burden the she carried is now on your shoulders. My love for Sylvia is no less then for you and Novus Spiritus. May God Bless. Bob Worth
Darlene G. wrote:
Chris! I am simply stunned in just learning today Dec 13/13 that your Mother Sylvia has gone to the 'other side' - know it must of been a shock & what a heavy load you have to carry now! Feel bad for her husband too, as I lost my hubby 4 years ago. What a lost for us 'living' but we all know she is in a happy place now. God Blessing on You and Yours. Darlene G of Canada.
Susan F. wrote:
I love Sylvia and am praying for her soul. I want to offer my sincere condolences to you all. Her family, friends and employee-family, must be missing her terribly as we all shall. This is the "new normal" --- a world without Sylvia in it. I have loved her books and lectures and the reading she gave me. Please, ignore those who criticize. Remember Sister Theresa was criticized after her passing also. Those who can't "build" tend to tear down. My prayers to you all.
Dwaye C. wrote:
I've always wanted to meet Sylvia but never did. I have all her books and have studied for years. I always wanted to thank her for bringing me into a closer relationship with my Heavenly Father and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. She said in one of her books that just having "faith" in God was not enough but that you should "know" in the depths of your heart and soul that God lives and that Jesus IS the Christ. As a faithful Mass attender I had the "faith" but not the "know". I spent many hours on my knees praying until I felt the Holy Spirit bear witness to me that these things ARE true! I have no doubt that as she met her Maker He said to her "Well done good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of my Kingdom". Sylvia, as you said in all your books, God loves you and so do I.
Maryann M. wrote:
I am sorry to hear about Sylvia's death. I know she is continuing.. on the other side! Chris.. could we be realted? Dufresne is not a really common last name. My Grandfather was a Dufresne.
Sharon R. wrote:
I Just heard The news," I'm sorry about your lost. Even know she gone on ," If you hold your thoughts of her," SHEs THERE.. In Heaven no need to miss someone, Because you feel them,and know the truth.. .... GOD BLESS ALL THAT GOD HAS CREATED ...... IN that place .. REMEMBER .. THIS IS OUR GLORY ," EXPERIENCE..
Sarah wrote:
Watching her work on Montel William's show gave me such hope during my adolescence. I miss her already. I send my prayers to her family, especially both of her sons who she loved so very much.
Bridgette wrote:
I cannot believe the wonderfully talented and gifted Miss Sylvia Browne has passed away. My son and I seen her this past summer at Seneca Niagra in Niagra Falls, NY. I have followed Sylvia and read many of her books over the years and she always had a positive beacon of light in all her books and readings. At Seneca Niagra, she was as always thoughtful and insightful and talked about her husband Michael and as always her granddaughter Angela. I know she loved both of her boys very much and was fond of her family. I am happy to have seen her one last time before her passing and know she was in her last years the most happiest she has ever been!! Her warmth insight teachings and most of all her sense of humor will be greatly missed by many people myself included!! Rest in peace Syl, you deserve it!!! BC
April W. wrote:
I just finished reading her book on mystical travelers and thinking about her a lot and found this website at the end of the book. I came here to see where she would be and am so saddened I didn't know until now she passed away. Her first book for me was the pets go to heaven. I wish I had met her.
Tammy B. wrote:
Dear sweet Sylvia you have made a notable contribution in giving us all awareness on the world around us. I can't believe you've passed on, but you've left a legacy and a truth that shines on.
Magda wrote:
I am very sorry for the lost of Sylvia Browne. My deepest condolences to her family. I enjoyed reading most of her books and attended a couple of conferences here in Atlanta. She most be very happy to be so closed to God now and chatting with her spirit guides. I will really miss her work and all the knowledge she imparted. I was very surprised not to learn about her passing from the news when she was liked by so many people and had so many fans around the world.
Bobbie Jo M. wrote:
I first saw Sylvia on the Montell Williams show~~~I have been a huge fan since then. She impacted my life so much. I have read every book she wrote, saw her in person, caught her on TV whenever I could. My belief system has changed so much!! I am so thankful she was a part of my life. Her influence has helped me so much. She will be missed. My sincere condolences to family. We all know she will live forever. P.S. If you talk to her please ask her to tell my son, Steven, to please contact his Mother. He has been on the other side since May, 2009. He was a great believer in Sylvias teachings~~Maybe I'm missing something~ask him to be more obvious if he is. Thx
Jacqueline M. wrote:
My thoughts go out to everyone in her family and everyone is that is effected. I will miss her with all my heart.
Evelyn R. wrote:
To All family members of Sylvia's---I give my condolences to all of you. I met Sylvia in San Diego. Chris you have given me two readings that I loved. Your mom's love of her life were her children, grandchildren & husband. Of course her greatest love was for God. I am praying for the foundation and all of the family. I know your mom is with her Grandma Ada and her beloved daddy. She and Chris taught me so much! God loves all of you. In God's beautiful love, Evie R.
Carolyn V wrote:
Hi, I just heard of Sylvia's passing and am so saddened by it. She was my hero. Her teachings were such a blessing to everyone. It feels empty without her. Take care, Much love to all of you.
Shirley wrote:
Blessed be the givers for they shall know love. We will miss you Sylvia. We shall rest quietly as she is watching over us. Shirley
Sherice M. wrote:
I just found out that Sylvia has passed... such sad news for me, I have always admired her work and have quite a few of her books... My sympathies to the family and friends of hers. I always wanted to go to one of her shows, but was never able to... She is in a wonderful place now :
Alice S. wrote:
I have followed your mother for years and just recently got busy and out of touch. She was the first person that ever seemed to believe the same as myself. For the first time in my life I wasn't weird or crazy or out of sink with the world. I am very sorry she has left ,but knowing her she is still with to you.
Gloria S. wrote:
What I remember most about Sylvia is when you told her you loved her she always said I love you too and meant it. I will miss her honesty and insight. I did a cruise with her which I will remember fondly my whole life. Bless you Sylvia love you and I hope you are having a great time at home.
John R. wrote:
Deb M. wrote:
Sylvia made tremendous contributions in service throughout her life. She understood the beauty of going home, yet was also well acquainted with the power of grief. Her book regarding grief/coping with loss was a great help in my family, and many of her other teachings invaluable. My sincere condolences to all of your family and loved ones, may the many prayers coming your way provide the strength and peace needed. Sylvia, you will be remembered with love. Deborah
Kathryn wrote:
The tide recedes but leaves behind bright seashells on the sand, the sun goes down but gentle warmth still lingers on the land. The music stops but echoes on in sweet refrains, for every joy that passes, something beautiful remains.
Jackie B. wrote:
Hi Chris: I found out a few days ago that your beloved Mom had passed away. It was very hard to read out. I have always admired Sylvia and the spiritual wisdom she possessed. I would always make sure I watched her on the Montel Williams show, as she was simply amazing. My deepest condolences to you and the family on her passing. She left a big hole in the world which will never be filled. May she soar with the angels. God Bless you all. R.I.P. Sylvia
Janel O. wrote:
When I told a friend about Sylvia's death, one thing I said was that I felt I had lost a friend. I have read most of her books and I credit Sylvia's words helping me through the death of my mother about five years ago. I do believe that when I cross over my mom will be there to greet me, along with other loved ones and my beloved cat, Tuxedo. My mom and I always wanted to see one of Sylvia's shows, but we didn't make it. I was lucky and blessed enough to be able to go to three of her shows and enjoyed each of them. She was an amazing woman and she will be missed here on earth, but she is now home. My prayers and blessings are with the family.
Andrea A. wrote:
I had the opportunity to see her several years ago here in Salt Lake City, & sit in on one of her lectures. It changed my life & the way I view things. She left a great impact on my life. Her book "Adventures of a Psychic" is a favorite of mine & I never get tired of reading it. What a true inspiration she was. What a great loss. My heartfelt condolences to Sylvia's family. Rest In Peace sweet Sylvia....
Debbie B. wrote:
Dear Chris; It was with deep sadness and shock that I learned of Sylvia's passing. I had tickets to take my 80 year old Mother to see Sylvia on her birthday in Napa and we were looking forward to be able to ask a question. I have been following Sylvia since I first saw her on the San Francisco Television show "People Are Talking". She changed my life forever. I am grateful for the lectures and salons I was able to attend over the years. Blessed to have her books and tapes. My prayers go out to you and your Family.
Denille M. wrote:
Sylvia Browne was my favorite book author. She was also the best spiritual healer and teacher. I had a real hard life growing up and she helped me tremendously. God Love Her, I do
Ron B. wrote:
I was so sorry to hear about Ms. Browne's passing. I used to enjoy her when she'd be on different talk shows. I'm sorry I never got to see her in person! I didn't always agree with her beliefs...but.. she seemed to have such a beautiful soul! I'm sure she's walking the Golden Streets of Heaven now!
Cecelia H. wrote:
I am so sorry to hear about Sylvia's passing....she will be so missed here, but I am sure she is in a wonderful place now....she has been my spiritual mentor and advisor and after having recently experiencing a personal loss myself, I have gained some comfort knowing she is with my little darling....
Alma W. wrote:
I am so sorry to learn of Sylvia's passing. She was such a special person . She has helped many people. My heartfelt condolences go out to you and your family at this most difficult time.
Mary B. wrote:
I followed her have all her books i feel like i lost a family member i loved her so much i cant believe she gone. rip I know your here with us u can see us we just cant see you I'm so sorry Chris.
John C. wrote:
Words cannot express the love Sylvia Browne had for the world & God. She was a good friend and a teacher of unconditional love for all. Now your spirit may be able to rest and you can now enjoy your real life and continue to inspire us, here and there. "Your crown has already been bought and paid for, now all you have to do put it on your head." - James Baldwin We'll miss you greatly but we cannot forget that you will always remain with us in spirit. Thank you with the greatest gifts of gratitude, commitment & loyalty. May I express the deepest condolences to your beautiful family and our brothers and sisters at Novus Spiritus. See you on the other side 'Bagda'. Love, John Charles
Amy M wrote:
Chris and family, I am so very sorry for your loss. My prayers, blessings and thoughts are with you. Your mother and you have truly changed my life for the better. Your words and knowledge have a allowed a peace in my life I have never known. I know your mother is now enjoying that perfection and bliss she described. How joyous!! We will miss her so much here on earth! God Bless You, Always!!
Patty R. wrote:
We first met in 1976 and throughout the years I have enjoyed your humor, wisdom and courage. I was particularly awed when you allowed Francine to speak. And, yes, you were right about the large boulder with the carved "S," I just didn't discover it until s couple of years later. It was always there, but I didn't take the back road. For the naysayers, who cares? They will be enlightened soon enough. I am amused and curious how your reunion with your Mother will go, but know that your father has open arms to envelop you and protect you. My sympathy and love to your family and friends, like me, who will always have a special place in our hearts for you. Thank you, My love and gratitude, Patty
Samantha H. wrote:
The world wept and Heaven rejoiced. The greatest teacher I have ever known has graduated. My deepest sympathy to the family and all who are feeling this great loss. I saw Sylvia 5 times in my life and each time I saw her my spirit soared like it never had before. Sylvia changed my life. I no longer fear what I used to. We all know better because of her. I will teach others what she has taught me. Can't wait to see you on the other side when I go home.
Shannon R. wrote:
My thoughts go out to Sylvia's family. I listen to her CD's over and over again, and read her books and shared with others what she wrote. By doing so i learned so much She kept me company on many of long roads to see customers who were low income. And, i shared Sylvia's teachings, It gave people peace of mind. It wasn't me ...It was her, i was just the vessel. Thank you Sylvia for sharing and writing books for us to follow. I hope your journey Home was wonderful. Someday I hope Sylvia can communicate from the other side. God Bless the Spirit guides that come to earth with us and protect us.
Pat S. wrote:
Sylvia was my mentor and I felt so close to her even tho we lived far apart. I will miss her sooo much! She helped me with my psychic gift when it all started! There will not be another person like her ever! I wish you wings of an eagle and the heart of a dove, but you already have that!! I will miss you until we meet again in Gods Heaven! Love, Pat
Cheryl S. wrote:
I am a huge fan of your mother and her gift and you have a wonderful blessing having her gift also. i hope you maybe continue to write with the help of your mother from the other side . my deepest sympathy to you and your family.
Aaron Y. wrote:
Oh how much much different my life might be had I never been introduced to the Spiritual knowlegde Sylvia wrote and talked about. My deepest condolences to the rest of her family. Love, Aaron
Heather B. wrote:
Sylvia you have truly changed my life forever you will continue to live on in our hearts you will deeply be missed. We Love you... Condolences to your family
Karla wrote:
My thoughts and prayers go out to you Chris and your family. I was fortunate to meet your mom in NYC last year and for that I am truly thankful. Love and Light to you and your family at this time and always.
gwendolyn wrote:
i have been a loyal fan of sylvia's for years. unlike most people i know that there is no such thing as 100% accuracy when it comes to psychic readings. i think even sylvia would admit to that. giving readings on national tv was very brave on her part. sylvia was not treated fairly at the end. i just don't know why those you who have had life changing readings on tv by sylvia have not come forward to defend her. SYLVIA YOU WERE THE REAL DEAL !!!!!! YOU HAD A GIFT FROM GOD THAT YOU USED TO HELP MANY PEOPLE . SO VERY SORRY TO HEAR OF YOUR PASSING. HEAVEN IS A MUCH MORE INTERESESTING PLACE NOW THAT YOU ARE THERE. SYLVIA YOU KNOW WHAT MY STRUGGLE IS. PUT A GOOD WORD IN FOR ME. MAY YOUR SOUL REST IN PEACE.
Vaudwan wrote:
To Sylvia's sons, husband, grandchildren, I am so sorry....Sylvia was and still is a HUGE presence in my life and I will always be grateful. I have followed her since day 1 on Montel and have had 2 readings from Chris....fabulous family and thanks for everything....May you go on to help and teach the rest in God's kingdom, they are ever so lucky to have you now Sylvia....I will be looking for your bright star in the sky....
Judith M. wrote:
I know that Sylvia is in a wonderful place and still helping us all. She was a special person with a wonderful gift from God. She will be missed here on earth but someday I hope to meet her once again. In the meantime, we will still be conversing but just at a little longer distance. My condolences to her family and friends and want them to know she was loved by many. God Bless
Angelina B. wrote:
My heart aches... i can't believe she's gone.. i prayed/ still pray for her and her family every day. May God have her in His/Her arms.. Love you Ms.Sylvia! ! Now always and forever. :'
Jean C. wrote:
Since your mother's passing I have not had a day when she doesn't come to mind with me. I seem to think of her more now and am aware everyday that I am thinking of her. I wish I could have met her for more than the moment I did one time when she came to my town to talk. She was miraculous in her talks. I remember walking back to my seat as she was talking and I was walking toward her. I just felt such a connection at that moment. I had never been able to meditate before but that night as she led us all into one, I found myself deep inside it and even felt my loved ones, passed on, around me stronger than ever. God is with her now and she is home, and although she is not there in person she will always be in spirit. Let the love engulf you and keep you.
Tiff wrote:
My deepest condolences, to the family and friends. May her spirit sore in the sky as she watches over you. Brightest Blessings.
Cally wrote:
My deepest condolences...I have been reading Sylvia's books which have brought me comfort while preparing for the passing of my twin sister from cancer. She passed on November 20th at the age of 49....I was shocked and saddened to learn that Sylvia passed on the same day. May God Bless them both.
Jennifer O. wrote:
My condolences to the family. I have believed and had a great fondness for Sylvia. I was blessed to be able so see her a few years back in Sacramento. I have read many of her books, believe in what she had to give this earth in this lifetime. You will be sorely missed, Sylvia, a bright light still lives on in our hearts.
Kimm K wrote:
I loved Sylvia. I am deeply saddened by her passing. She enlightened my life in so many ways. For some reason , I think she would be here forever! I still have prayers that I say everyday because of her...and cross stitches I made with her divine words. The world was a more wonderful place with her here. I only hope that her words live on forever and no one forgets the wonderful things she taught. God Bless her! She is finally home. We will always miss you Sylvia. Until we all meet again!
Chris C. wrote:
I send my deepest condolences to you and your family.She will be missed by many.
Evelyn S. wrote:
My heart brook when I found out you died. You help me in my darkest days you will missed. May god be with your family in helping them with this lost I guess I will never get to meet you but you will always be in my prayers I miss you love you Evelyn from New York
Tami Jean wrote:
Thank You Sylvia for sharing with me. My own Mom passed when I was ten, I am now 51, over half my life I have looked to Sylvia. I know someday we shall meet. Until then , you live again. With all my love
Lorri Lynn wrote:
I've just been apprised of Sylvia Browns passing, please except my deepest sympathy. Oh how I loved this woman, I watched her faithfully on Montel, she just drew me in. Her honesty & wittiness amazed me. I went to Lilly Dale N. Y. a few times hoping I might see her with no luck. My fond memories of her will remain. I'm so sorry for your loss, I will pray that God will speed the healing for your entire family. Miss Lori Previty
Nyree B. wrote:
I just heard the news because I just lost my mom on oct.31 of this year. Your mother was a great woman and my Family and I send our Deepest Sympathy to you and the family.
Patrice wrote:
Chris, You were not only blessed to have Sylvia as your mother and teacher,but blessed with the gift as well. I started my spiritual journey in my 30's as I watched Sylvia on Montel Williams. She inspired me and now I own all of her books. She has done so much for the world, as well as opened up society towards higher spiritual awareness. Though you know where she is. The pain is still there. Prayers to you and yours.
Cynthia H. wrote:
I have read one of Sylvia's books, watched as many of her appearances on t.v. I sometimes do not believe some people who pretend to be mediators, however, Sylvia certainly had a wonderful true gift of her mediator skills which she used for the good of others here on Earth. Rest in peace Sylvia, you sure have many friends waiting for you on the other side!
Becky K. wrote:
Oh, Chris and family How sad it is to lose a mother and wife, especially one who has been a mother figure to so many in this world. Her books always made you feel as tough she was talking to you, personally. Her beliefs got me back to God and Jesus when I had been pretty much disgusted with the whole business, especially organized religion. I found a new, deeper faith, thanks to her--and you, Chris. She started a movement that just keeps on growing. God Bless you Michael, Chris, Angelia, Jeffrey and William
Kim W. wrote:
Dear Chris, I'm sorry for the loss of your Mom and sorry for the family, for all who loved her and who was loved by her. May she live in peace.
Donna B. wrote:
I am sorry to learn of Sylvia's death. I enjoyed her books and seeing her on Larry King Live and on the Montel Show. I thank she had a gift but was just human as we are, not right all the time but most of the time. I truly believe she is where she spoke of and I hope that it is all that she said and thought it was in that respect. She could not have known her time of passing as only God knows when our time has come. My sympathies to her husband and children and grandchildren...she was a remarkable lady.
Patricia E. wrote:
Dear Chris, Prayers of comfort, support, and love go out to you and your entire family regarding your mother's passing. I read, studied, and took a course of hers several years back and not only found her teachings truthful but helpful to my spirit. Because of her - I became comfortable in my own skin and my gifts have become second natured. For that, I am forever grateful. Peace and blessings to your family and keep being the source of "enlightenment" your mother was and is. Blessings...Patricia
Tammy S. wrote:
I am sorry for your loss, which of course is our loss as well! I have never met. always wanted too Sylvia but have read many of her books which inspired me and gave me many hours of pleasure. Learning of her loss was horrible , but knowing she is with God is great!
Loretta R. wrote:
I am heart broken. I can't imagine how it is for the family. I know in my soul that Sylvia has hit the ground running, yet I still grieve. I'm sorry to seem so selfish but I was not ready to see her go home yet. Sylvia gave her all to us and then some. Lives all over the world became changed for the better. I will speak of her as the greatest Spiritual teacher of our time. Those of us that love her will have a void. I can call her friend not having met her face to face. I owe this Great Spiritual teacher my greatly changed life. Let us that love her keep her work alive to carry on and make a donation in her honor. I know she is safe at home. This is old hat to her but their is still the deepest grieving process and sense of loss. My heart goes out to all the family. I remember her saying in her book, asking why the world hasn't stopped because her father died. This is how I feel now and how much deeper the family feels. Knowing the truth that she is home doesn't stop my grief at this time. We all will miss her beyond words.
Tambra wrote:
I'm so sorry to hear of Sylvia's passing and my sincere sympathy go out to the family. I had the pleasure of meeting her at a book signing and seminar. She's such a unique, cool lady and her passing is a loss here in the physical world. Chris, though I never met you, you done a phone reading for me and I wanted to extend my sympathy to you for the passing of your mother. Blessings and Prays to you and your Family, Sincerely, Tambra
Sharon & Perry T. wrote:
I know from seeing Sylvia on TV and still reading her books and I have all of them. She wouldn't what this any other way. Congratulations Sylvia on your new life you have made it home. Have a ball kiddo you deserve it baby. See you soon love to all
Jennifer M. wrote:
So sorry to hear you have passed I always wanted a reading I learned so much for you you will be so missed,we love you always and forever.
Rev. Kendall wrote:
Sylvia will be greatly missed by all of us..but Heaven gained another Angel...She inspired me to believe in myself & seek our GOD - given talents/abilities...whatever they may be..I never was blessed to meet her on this rock, but know one of those twinkling stars of the night has her beloved smile on it! **Beautiful Lady, Please give Father GOD a hug for us...AMEN**
Denise S. wrote:
I just found out today that my beloved Sylvia passed, my heart is breaking... She changed all who ever listened to her. God bless you Sylvia you will be missed.
Melissa S. wrote:
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Sylvia was a Angel walking among us and will never be forgotten and forever in our heart's and everyone that ever read any of her bookings.. May you find piece in knowing she will forever be with us and your family.. May she rest in peace. I am forever sorry for your loss. Blessed Be A loyal fan forever..
Anita A. wrote:
Chris, I am so sorry to hear of your mom's death. We had a reading many years ago. I have journaled 40 years of premonitions I have experienced. The last few weeks I had been thinking of your mom for some reason? When I recently turned the remote channels, I saw her with Montel Williams and wondered about her health. If it helps, I had sensed she was not feeling well. Around the same time, a 77 year old friend who had worked with my husband was on my mind, as well. He died around the same time; Stanley Woodhouse. My thoughts and prayers are with your family and you. I had read a lot of your mom's books to learn how this premonition gift works...
Kelly D. wrote:
The world lost a great teacher, human being and all around great person. I offer her family my deepest sympathies and I offer Sylvia a congratulations, as she made her great journey home and is happier than she has ever been.
Martha L. wrote:
Thank you Sylvia for changing my life and giving me hope. I know they are many people who were touch by your light, I'm one most thankful for your teachings and your gifts. The world has loss a great teacher. Heaven has gain a magnificent Angel. Love, Marta
Carole L. wrote:
My heartfelt condolences to Sylvia's family on Thanksgiving. I know that even though we know that life is continuous, it is hard to lose the physical presense of a loved one. I am a psychic medium who finds so much strength in Sylvia's books. Her sense of humor and direct way of saying things, supports me in my own work. She was and is one of a kind. We will all miss her physical presence. Love to you all.
Nancy W. wrote:
Great loss..many prayers!
Bonnie F. wrote:
I recently heard of Syliva's passing and wanted to let her friends, family and coworkers know that my thoughts and prayers are with them....Syliva was a great lady and helped me many times with spiritual dilemmas through her books and talk shows. My sincerest condolences for her loss but know she is happy "At Home". She will definitely be missed by not forgotten....Bonnie
Sherry T. wrote:
My prayers are in gratitude for all the hope that Sylvia gave us for this life and the next.
John D. wrote:
Sylvia gave Humanity the Greatest Gift ever - "Spiritual Freedom" by educating many through her Books and Presentations. She left a legacy that many Clairvoyants did not, and that is to provide a means of being your own Teacher through her Books and Church. This is a "New Beginning", and not an End that some my think; as one Door Closes - another Opens. Sylvia has "Walked Us To The Door of Spirituality", and taken the "rug of dogma" from underneath our feet. To Sylvia's Spirit Guides who now have her among them, you are part of that "Freedom" gave us as a Gift to do with as we continue to explore with Our Creator. Chris will provide the Guidance & Direction that will be needed to keep us on The Path of Enlightenment, and polish our Perfection as Spiritual beings. So rather then feel sadness, we should take Her Lessons to Heart during this time of Thanksgiving for the "Giving" to us The Truth That Set's Us Free from Ignorance that holds us back from our Creator and Creation. So, once again - Thank You Sylvia - for caring enough to incarnate and Teach & Guide us through Life's Struggles and to help us Perfect The Self for Creation and all it has too offer. May the void felt by many be filled with Serenity and Peace of Mind until it is our turn to "Go Home". With Respect, Indian Medicine
Denise D. wrote:
My condolences are with you. Sylvia will be missed by millions i am sure she will be helping people still from the other side. i also lost my mom seventeen years ago nov. 20th. Sylvia helped me greatly and will forever be missed!
Cynde K. wrote:
My prayers are with your family. I could feel your Mom was ready to go home in the last few months, you could see it in her eyes. Now she is home and free of pain. I am sorry for those she leaves behind, including all her fans who loved her. She taught me so much and I will be forever grateful to her and to her family who shared her with us. I send you all love, laughter, and light.
Gail H. wrote:
To Sylvia's beloved family,ALL of you, I just finished listening to the life celabration. What a beautiful send off.She is sooo very proud of all of you.She is a great teacher and has let her beloved Church in great hands.You CAN "just do it". Tomorrow will be a better day.God Love !!!
Alison wrote:
I am so sorry to hear of the Passing of Sylvia Browne. She was no doubt a wonderful Spiritual Teacher. She has taught me so much through her books and her video lectures. I've always admired her. I send my sincere condolences to her family at this time of loss. I too feel that we have lost a friend. Alison
Amy wrote:
Sylvia changed my life. It was only her in her writings books that truly lit up my path and taught and showed me personally how to follow my own spirit, trust my instinct and be free to be different, seeing things that most might miss. Awareness and true love she gave to each and every one of us who religiously read and followed her teachings. Sylvia showed "me" who I truly was. She showed me the gifts helped mould and guide my instinctive soul and has without doubt been a huge contributor to my life, without ever knowing it. I humbly express my most dear blessings to Chris and the entire family and know how saddened we are to hear of such a loss. Yet, God delights in her.
Lenor S. wrote:
No one can express words of wisdom like Sylvia. She was very humerous. I enjoyed reading her books. She never claimed to be 100 percent right. Sylvia Browne rest in peace.
Laura K wrote:
Sylvia, I have never met you in person but I have seen you in Chicago a couple of time, I believe you're one of the greatest teachers of all time. I have nearly 25 of your books and I refer to them a lot. You were an extraordinary person and highly gifted in your skills. I look forward to see you on the Other Side.
Kathy N. wrote:
Blessings and Joy! Sylvia has expanded her work. She was a wonderful, caring person who helped so many people. She will be missed greatly but I am sure that she will continue her good works from the other side. I extend condolences to her family. Just remember Sylvia will always be with you.
Theresa G. wrote:
Dearest Sylvia, Thank you for everything you have done on this earth. You were one of my greatest teachers in the school of life. I had never seen or heard of you until the day I saw a book that was "glowing" in a was "God, Creation, and Tools for Life." I picked it up and immediately, the words resonated with my soul. From then on, my pursuit about knowing and understanding God accelerated. I read many of your books, and used many of the tools I learned from them...I went through difficult times, I had darkness around me...and as time went on, I changed my life with the help of Azna all who I called on. I was so lucky to get a reading from you months was originally set up with Chris and they had to reschedule a few times, so your generous staff said I could have a reading with you...what an amazing day that was. I will continue to do my best to be the Mystical Traveler that I took the oath to be. You inspired me. Love you always, Sylvia...and I hope that was you that made my purse fall on the floor in the other room as I write this. XOXO!
Ann E. wrote:
I am honored to have attended the memoriial service for Sylvia Browne....Dance with the Angels....Miss you always!
Ann B. wrote:
Thank you for sharing, for teaching, for your psychic energy and the sacrifice of helping so many with unconditional love. Beautiful person, beautiful soul, returning home and watching over us all.
Marie wrote:
Thank you Sylvia for a life dedicated to your life purpose, a life that was large and wide and embraced the revelations and healing of so many. Thank you for channeling my relatives and friends and for helping me to find a spiritual core after my mother passed that had to be realigned with my own purpose. You have told us about what to expect when we pass and I only wish I could hear what else you found. Perhaps in time...we again will connect. God bless you and all the people who you have touched!
Valerie G. wrote:
She has been such an inspiration and have always been on Sylvia's side. As a psychic medium myself, I understand the complexity of dealing with the spiritual world. I saw her in Milwaukee and loved her humor, which lights up the room. I know she is still with you ,Chris and as a medium, she has also spoke to me a time or two, in spirit, with the same humor. Funny thing she says to me, focus on yourself. You have to take care of you. She is very right!
Sean Q. wrote:
Dear Chis and also to your family members, I am so very sorry for the loss of your mother. I do not need to tell you what a wonderful indvidual she was. thanks to your mom I am very interested about God, The Other Side, reincarnation, myspiirit guides and angels and how I can be more compassionate towards my fellow human being. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers and I am happy that you mom is back home with God and all of her loved ones that have passed. Thank you chris for also sharing your gift and doing God's work here on the classroom of earth. With love and thanks, Sean from New Jersey
Majken wrote:
Thank you for your insight ..your books allowed me to gain a new and comforting prospective on our lives here. Love and light to you on your journey.
Carol S. wrote:
To Slyvia's loved ones, I'am one of the millons who's life was changed by the Mystical Traveler Slyvia Browne. Words cannot express what her teachings have meant to me. I have a photo of her at a book signing smiling at me as I told her how happy I was that she found love,I will always treasure this. Keep doing her good works,and I will continue to follow her words in my many books. God bless you all, Love Carol
Penelope R. wrote:
A Saratoga resident, I was introduced to spirituality at the ripe age of 14 in 1971 by seeing Sylvia at a little church meeting room in Campbell every Tuesday evening. Fifty cents got me in the door, but the wealth of information and opening for me psychically and spiritually with her knowledge and warmth is immeasurable. I followed her career, joined her church, and read her books - all which opened me to the other side and down my personal spiritual path. I will always be in awe of her. I will always be grateful to her. God bless you, Sylvia!
Debra S. wrote:
I am so sorry for your family's loss...I have read and watched your mothers shows and books for many years and she will be deeply deepest sympathy to you and your family.
Halley wrote:
I heard about your mother and wanted to send my best regards. Hope your holding up okay. Miss and care about you.
Lesley A. wrote:
My dearest Sylvia, I am trying so hard to be happy for you, knowing you are safely Home again and happy and healthy. However, this world seems empty now with such a bright light taken from us. When I first read "The Other Side and Back" I had all my beliefs confirmed. I have since read many of your other books several times and attended many of your lectures. Best of all, I had the honour of a personal reading. I am trying to be grateful for all this, but am so sad knowing your time here is over. I can hardly wait to meet up with you again at Home. I know your time at the Scanning Machine will be joyous, when you see how very, very many of us you have helped. Much love to you forever.
Julie Z. wrote:
Dear, Chris I want to tell you.. how much me and my mother would sit and wait for the Montel show to come on.. to watch your mother.. Unfortunate, my mother too, had passed 10 years ago. and these are one of the times that we shared together. And even though i did not get to see your mother live.. I've all ways' felt a connection with slyvia. My heart sank when i heard.. but then again.. just when i felt this.. a strange sensation down my spine.. tingled from the top of my head to the bottom of my spine. She had a message to the world, and those messages gave us hope, and inspiration. A gift that everyone all ready know's deep down inside, just need's someone to help them .. with what they all ready knew. I have some what of a gift. But don't share. Only with my loved ones.. Sending all my love.. Chris.. Julie Your mother was beyond, special, and i love her very much..
Janet N. wrote:
May the blessings and prayers of many be with you during this time. Be comforted in knowing you will see and be with your mother again. May God's presence bring you peace. Thank you for everything you have done to bring comfort to many throughout the years.
Debbie O. wrote:
God Bless you Sylvia I'm sure he is. You will be missed more than words can say. I'm so thankful for all you've done to help so many people. I was in your Salon in Honolulu and am so thankful for not only meeting you but also because it was such a fantastic experience. May you be at peace and finally get some well deserved rest before your next adventure in Spirit. With Aloha, Debbie
Gay H. wrote:
Dear Chris , I'm sorry to here the lost of your mother. I had a reading from you back in October. I told you that I was having a hard time with the passing of my very best friend.You told me that he made it home . I said to you why dont I feel his presents. You said to me because he has moved on to a another life he is in Europe. I have been trying to move on because you told me that I need to get out and move on and live my life. I have done that . It has been very hard and you said to you understand my hurt and that we all go through this . Chris your mother loved you and stood by you. And I'm sure your pain in your heart is deep . I'm sure your mother made it home. I feel in my heart that your mother too was not on her last life . She had so much life . She was a wonderful woman,I was lucky to meet her . I have a picture of me and he together . I just want to say It sucks more knowing that my best friend it's around and knowing he moved on to another life. Chris if your mother did move on to an other assiment . I only hope you can deal with it . Because there is not a day that passes that I don't think of Ron. And it's very hard knowing he can't even come around to visit me. So all we have is memories . So enjoy your life and when you pass you too will be waiting on the other side for your mother to come home. Love you and your mother !
Jan K. wrote:
Chris, after hearing about your Mom's passing, I just felt I had to tell you how very sorry I am that she has passed & I know how it feels to loose a Mom. I followed your Mother Sylvia Brown's teaching for many years have read most of her books & have purchased many of her cd's & never missed one of Montel Williams shows when she appeared she was a wonderful caring human being with great knowledge from beyond & I will truly miss her, I was very upset to hear of her passing, may God bless you & your family in this time of loss, Love Jan a faithful follower of Sylvia Brown's teaching.
Sally S. wrote:
I still cant really believe you left us Sylvia.I know your home now and I just want to thank you for all you have done for me.I am so lucky to have met you and hugged you.You are truly a beautiful soul.I wanted to be there for your services but I am not able to.My love to you and your family.I will never ever forget about you.
Lanakila wrote:
From the lord God of my Being, the Clear Water Lotus family and I send our most heartfelt condolences family of Sylvia Brown. I've watched you so many times on the Montel Williams show and always admired you. Wanting a reding was my desire and although I never got one, this day I hear your voice say to me, " live and love life Lanakila, thats all you need to do to enjoy life" Thank you for your leadership in spiritual service to us all. You are missed but never forgotton. I love you and I know you've already allowed your bright spirit to communicate with the circle. Love & Light
Donna S. wrote:
My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Sylvia Browne. She was an inspiration and blessing to many and will not be forgotten. May God Bless you and give you strength during this time of need. Thank You Sylvia Browne for all that you've contributed and gave of yourself to this world......... God has received another Angel.
Gloria L. wrote:
Chris, so Sorry for your great loss to you and sylvia's husband and all the family. I am in disbelief. Love your mom so much. Love all her books. Her books were always in my christmas list or birthday list. I understood sylvia so much. She was a lovely lady and she will be missed but we are so blessed to have known her through tv, internet ,etc. It's sad but you know I am Happy for her because I know she didn't leave us alone. she's with all our loved ones that have left before us. I love her!!! I just didn't make it to a group or cruise to view her live. But I have her books to look into forever.
Lisa S. wrote:
I just want to say I'm so sad to hear bout your mom's passing, but at least I find comfort in that she's home now on the "other side" Because of her, my life is so much better now just by reading her many books. She has provided me many jumping off points or subjects to study until the day I die. My heart goes to you and your family. You all will be in my thoughts and prayers. God bless you all.
Rhonda A. wrote:
"Sweet Dreams Sylvia", Thank you for being a part of my life with all your books, your shows with Montel which I cried when it was no longer on TV, with your classes, and being able to meet you once and speak with you. I was so overwhelmed to even be there that I almost couldn't talk to you. You were so much worth the 7-hr round-trip to Seattle Paramont Theatre, in Seattle. I only wish I could have seen you one more time before you left us to be with Father GOD! Hope to see you again someday, so please say hello to me when you see me. Love Always,
Angela W. wrote:
Good bye Sylvia. You made a big difference in my life and I don't know why you took a dislike to me and my family because we came with LOVE, nothing else. You were wrong. We were down and out, put through the wringer with surgeries and infections and W/C, not ourselves at all. We were needy and reached out to you and your church but you mistook us for bad people and ran away. Now you understand, I know and I'm grateful and feel better that you now know we were only reaching out for a hand, feeling very desperate. Reading your books made a real difference in my life, lifted me up and opened me back up to the God in me. I guess we weren't reflecting the upward movement we had already made, from reading your books. We wanted to belong and be a part of your church, heal and grow with you and everyone. It doesn't matter anymore! I'm glad your home now, seeing your dad and Francine among a lot of others and I feel your blessings on me now. I love you Sylvia, thank you for everything!
Joel D. wrote:
Sylvia, I cannot begin to express my sadness that you passed. My whole life changed when I read your book "Life on the Other Side". I have a complete outlook on life after reading your book, and a better understanding of everyone else in the world. Your book opened my eyes and reminded me that we are all on our own path to god, and we shouldn?t judge anyone else?s choices they make. Every day I find myself telling someone about the book, and how inspirational it is. I was raised Mormon, and it has helped me a lot with who I am. Being a gay man isn?t easy in this world, but your book spoke to me so deeply, and comforted me in so many ways. I never got to meet you, which I will regret the rest of my life. I was thinking about your passing yesterday and it came to me that you are experiencing everything you talked about in your book, how awesome. I am sure Francine is thrilled to have you on the other side. Rest in peace, and thank you again for all the inspiration you have instilled in me.
Dian wrote:
My heart goes out to Sylvia's family, her wonderful ministers and all her churches. She has changed my life dramatically. I'm glad she is ok. my partner and i feel a loss.
Erin M. wrote:
Hello, Sylvia , I know you are watching us all and I just want to express my gratitude for your guidance and my condolences to your family, your are with them I know in spirit now but I am sure your hugs and sweet face will be missed... In this life I promise to take what I want and leave the rest, LOL, love and thought s to your family, thank you Sylvia, Erin 37 yrs old from Healdsburg , CA, Earth
Lisa S. wrote:
I just want to say I'm so sad to hear bout your mom's passing, but at least I find comfort in that she's home now on the "other side" Because of her, my life is so much better now just by reading her many books. She has provided me many jumping off points or subjects to study until the day I die. My heart goes to you and your family. You all will be in my thoughts and prayers. God bless you all.
Sam wrote:
Sylvia, Dear Lady, You have embarked on the next leg of your journey. You left many here who loved you dearly and will miss your shining light. I have enjoyed your sense of humor, your kindness and the wonderful gifts you shared with so many while you were here among us on the journey through life. Thank you for being here and making all of our journeys more enlightened and helping us to all remember who we really are. Now, I hope you will laugh, love, be well and continue to guide from where you are, being in the midst of Divine Love. 'Sam'
Gloria J. wrote:
Thank you, you helped me in many ways, too many to mention with your inspiring books. I know you have been received with wide open arms on the other side!
Mark L. wrote:
Sylvia validated for me that I wasn't nuts. I will miss her.
Marian L. wrote:
So saddened to here of Sylvia's passing! She always said it would be in her late 80s. She was a spiritual leader for many, and opened the minds of people who were searching. But I guess her job is done and she is having a ball on the other side. I am glad I got to see her in person. I feel that I have another angel over on the other side. I hope someone continues on her work. You are all in my prayers.
Rhonda B. wrote:
I would just like to say that I am sorry for the loss of such a wonderful person. Sylvia seemed to have touched so many and gave so much to those who needed closure and peace in their lives. I was not lucky enough to have met her but i loved her just the same. May her family and friends find peace and comfort. Blessed be...
Mannabi P. wrote:
Dear Sylvia, Thank you so much for introducing me to the world of spirituality. I have read a lot of your books and gained a lot of insight from them, for that I am very much thankful. The power that be is with you and we still thank them for having created you, the beacon of love, intelligence and wisdom. I had hoped that one day I will pay you a visit to get your assistance in somethings in my life that need clarity, but I know all is not lost beacuse you have touched my life in numerous ways though your precious books. You will forever be alive in our hearts. I thank God for you. Take care!!!
Patrice B. wrote:
I have loved you Sylvia for a very long time, I have all of your books. You have made me understand the world a little better and to have hope that there is something better waiting for us all on the "Other side". You are home now Sylvia. R.I.P. Thank you for everything!!
Mark J wrote:
There are many things I earth we do not understand to God / Heaven , Life after Death , Mediums / Psychic's , Angles , Ghosts , Spirts , Reincarnation , etc . That is up to ones own belief's , I prefer to believe .. and I guess in the end we will all find out . I believe in more that just what the mind cannot comprehend or cannot see or touch . We have awful small minds in an awful big universe .... RIP
Collette B. wrote:
God speed to you, Sylvia. I know you don't need our best wishes because your work here on Earth certainly earned you a place on the other side. You greatly impacted my life by opening up my soul with your insight and information. I don't care what the "nay sayers" are going on about. Nobody is perfect 100% of the time, and you never claimed to be. You were the real deal and your willingness to share it publicly took guts these doubters will never understand. Thank you for everything, and I hope to meet you on the other side someday. In the meantime, you will be sorely missed. God bless your family with His strength as they grieve your loss.
Jacquelynn wrote:
Thank You for sharing gifts; giving: lives, hope, honor; opening minds. Whether right or wrong such an Earthly predicament; you were able to merge spiritual introductions into mainstream ways of thought, action and being: you have laid foundations for new generations to be able to think and decide for themselves, what is here and beyond; and that is to be celebrated.
Becky H. wrote:
To Sylvia Browne Family & friends. Sorry for you loss! I thought Sylvia was a interesting person. I like her! May she Rest in Peace!!
Jerri M. wrote:
I am just heartbroken that Sylvia has passed on to the other side. She changed my whole way of thinking on so many levels by her teachings. I was lucky to see her when she was here in Virginia and she truly cared for everyone! What a huge loss for this world and for her family and friends. I know that she is on the other side now saying see this is what I said it would be like. I hope she communicates with Chris and Chris can pass on her messages in this forum! You will truly be missed by the world! Jerri M
Angie P. wrote:
Always in my heart!! Journey well friend...
Patricia P. wrote:
I was very surprised to hear of your passing yesterday, I just want you to no how much you have helped me through the years, through your books and on tv and radio. Now you are on the other side, you have said many times that this was your last time on earth, till we meet on the other side, enjoy being with your family, friends, pets and the will never be forgotten..xoxo
Carolyn E. wrote:
She had a wonderful light...truly a gifted person. Rest in peace, Sylvia. The world will be a sad place without you.
Lynn G. wrote:
My heartfelt condolences goes out to Sylvia's family. She will continue to be in my thoughts as she has made my life so much better and in helping me understand my gifts. Sylvia will, of course, be missed by many.
Dodie wrote:
Bless your heart, Sylvia.
Regina T. wrote:
I am so sorry for your loss Chris! She was a great lady and person! Prayers for you and your family!
Michele M. wrote:
All I can say is you changed my life!~!~!~ Fear and gilt are not longer a function in my life****** I know how happy you are now Sylvia!~!~ LOVE OXOX And thanks for signing my books in Tampa 2012......GREAT LADY*** "YOU WILL BE MISSED" Michele M
Mary A. wrote:
Dear Sylvia, Although you are no longer here with us physically, those of us that you touched whether in meetings, tv shows like Montel or late evening shows like Larry King we all now that you are still here with us here on Earth just in spirit now. May Father & Mother God pour their blessings onto your family in their time o need. Love you always and I will finally get to meet you one day on the other side. Blessed Be,
Mark J. wrote:
Chris and Paul, My deepest sympathy to your family in your loss of your mother. She was a wonderful woman. Her example helped my own mother-in-law understand her spiritual lineage as the granddaughter of a Cherokee shaman and the mother of another shaman, my husband. Sylvia brought a greater understanding to the world of our spirituality. Because of your mother I am better able to work as an exorcist and healing mystic. I pray you have the same gift from your mother that I had from mine when she died last year. My mother stopped by to visit every day the first month after her death. May your mother remain with you. God bless,
Cathy I. wrote:
Dear Chris, I am so sorry for your lost. Your mom was a great person, the world is grieving with you. Thank You for your service to her cause, God Bless you and your family.
Paula L. wrote:
I loved her..She will be miss very much. I can't believe shes gone.
Jacquelynne wrote:
I am very sorrowful to hear of your death. I wish you rest and safe travels. I have many of your books and believe in your ability and readings. I was hoping maybe one day you could bring some closure in regards to my brother Jimmy. God's speed.
Karen K. wrote:
Sylvia, you will be greatly missed in this world. You taught me, through your books, not to be afraid of death. This is only a training ground, a school of sorts, in order to strengthen my soul and learn for God. Through all you did here, you took fear away from people's lives. You were a great teacher. I know your went home and there must the mother of all parties going on right now. But I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you, Sylvia.
Rita C. wrote:
So sorry for your loss .I got to see your mom when she was here at Lincoln city after coming to 4 shows I got called up .She told me my husband had finally made it over to the other side and he comes and sits on my bed and when I was walking away she said that he was a good man.My daughter had a reading with you Chris and he had not made it over yet .Thanks to you and your mom it helped so much to know he was ok and that I would be ok. Keep up the good work you and your mom are doing
Kathy B. wrote:
Rest in Peace Dear Sylvia. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends.
Ann Marie wrote:
I have been a huge fan of hers....I have read almost every book and would read to my mom who passed away in 2006... this beautiful lady has helped me through some difficult times and I actually got to speak with her on the phone and I was. crying. it felt like I was speaking to my own mother after she passed. I Will never forget he grace and integrity and her love through the phone call. shes home now...and may her family continue to live out her legacy. I'm sure she is busy with laughter and spending time with her grandmother. xo
June wrote:
So sad to hear that you left us today. I am sure that you are happy with the God, the white light, the angels and Francine!! You will be forever missed.
Desiree P. wrote:
Dear Chris It is with great respect and loving kindness that I extend my sincere condolences to you and your whole family for the passing of your Beloved Mother, Sylvia. She was a true gem in this world and will be missed by many kindred Spirits left behind. May God Bless!!! xo With Warmest Regards, Desiree
Mark T. wrote:
Hello My name is Mark Tara and I'm writing from Toronto Canada. I just heard about Sylvia's passing and I just wanted to say how sorry I am for your loss. I lost my mom in 2001. She passed of a massive heart attack while she was taking a shower getting ready to go Christmas shopping with my sister. I was lucky enough to see Sylvia live here in Toronto at a Learning Annex event. I have to say this last night I was listening to COAST TO COAST AM while I was doing dishes and I had the thought "I WONDER IF THEY WOULD HAVE SYLVIA ON." I thought of sending COAST an emai but I didn't. As I'm writing this email I'm listening to the show when George Noori mentioned Sylvia's passing. Tonight I DID send them an email sharing my experience last night Nov 20 2013. Again I am truly sorry for your loss, God bless.
Pia C. wrote:
My dear extra mother Sylvia this morning in Sweden i just thought about you, your books have helped me a lot in sorrow, my animals died and my father died in may this year soo sad, think you have a great time on the other side..Love you and Thanks from Pia in Sweden
Erik D. wrote:
I have been a fan of Sylvia Browne for the past twelve years..... her books helped me get through the worst time in my life... i was drawn to her writings because she never tried to press her beliefs on anyone and as she would say... take what you want and leave the rest behind.... hearing of her passing saddens me deeply... thank you Sylvia and may you rest in peace.
Melodie S. wrote:
Please accept my sincere condolences on the loss of your beloved Mother. I have many of her books and have also loaned them to friends when they were in need of comfort. Never missed her visits to the Montel Williams show and always enjoyed her insight as well as her sense of humor. She will be sorely missed by so many of us who grew to know and love her. I know she is happy and at peace.
Kathi R. wrote:
Just heard about Sylvia' s passing on the 10:00 pm news. She will be missed. Saw her in person at Thunder Valley and even with her broken hip she was fantastic. Rest in peace and God's love Sylvia - I know you are.
Kathy M. wrote:
What in the world will I do without you, Sylvia? I never got to talk with you, but somehow I feel connected to you, as if we were related in a past lifetime. You cannot imagine my shock and sorrow reading this tonight. You were and will continue to be my beacon of light, my solution to questions, my proof that the hereafter is, in fact, the truth. I am so sorry for your family - but I know that you are not really gone. I know you will make your presence known to us and that you will live on through your children and your grandchildren. I shall miss you so. Kat
Tamara M. wrote:
Rest in peace Dear Teacher. Thank you for the life your teachings gave me, the comfort I gained from knowing Mother and Father God and the joy of visits to and from the other side. Until we meet on the other side, goodbye.
Roma P. wrote:
Shine on Sylvia. I send up my love and thanks
Michael wrote:
May your spirit soar tonight and for all eternity Sylvia.... Peace and Love......
Carla wrote:
God Bless you for the good works you did thru out your life...May you now rest in peace in the arms of the angels... Carla
Sue wrote:
Hi Chris, I am very sorry for your loss. My prayers are with your family. God Bless, Sue
Ray W. wrote:
Hi Chris, My name is Ray. You gave me a phone reading a year ago last month, and you were right on with my entire life. However you said I would meet a girl named Julia in 9 months . I'm trying to take your advice in getting out more, but as of yet I haven't meet her. Is there still a chance i'll meet her? Thanks, Ray W.
Pam E. wrote:
I read Sylvia's book "Mother God" and I wanted to tell you my story of Mother God's affirmation to me. I did as Syliva suggested and prayed to Azna to give me an affirmation that she was real. The book mentioned that Azna likes to give out roses as affirmations, so when I finished my prayer to Azna, I said to Her, "by the way, I really don't like roses - carnations are my favorite flower." Well, the next day, while I was sleeping in, my mom came home from the plant nursery with crates full of flowers to plant in her garden for the summer. When she got done unloading all her flowers, she handed me a tiny little potted plant. She said, "I just felt like buying this for you." I pulled the tag out of the pot and it read "Carnation flower." Oh My God! That was amazing! I never told my mom that I liked carnations, and she's not the kind of person to go out and buy flowers for other people. So I just knew this had to be the work of Mother God Azna. Pam E. Portland, OR
Dawn K. wrote:
Thank you Sylvia, for EVERYTHING you’ve done. Love you. God Bless. Dawn K. LA, CA
Kim S. wrote:
My daughter step daughter was tragically killed by a drunk driver, I had been finding it very hard to get through my grief...until i started listening to your mom's tapes on my way to work. Thank you so very much for all that you do. Kim S. Sturgeon County, CA
John D wrote:
You, Sylvia and Church have done more to Free Peoples Minds and Quit being afraid of "Religion" - for I know that is what I found thru you both. Thank You & Yours for being there for the masses, because as the NAI say " A drink of Pure Water for the Thirsty Traveler". -De Oppresso Liber - Indian Medicine John D. Imperial, CA
Rachel F. wrote:
Chris, my deepest sympathies on your Mom's passing; she was a bright light that helped clear a path for so many. Rachel F. Brooklyn, CT
Denise H. wrote:
I am heartbroken. I wonder if things are everything she thought they were on the other side.......I hope they are...... Denise H
Donna G. wrote:
My prayers go out to all of Sylvia's family. She was such a special person. I saw her many times in Houston, Texas and Dallas, Texas. Had a reading with her and also with Chris. Was supposed to have another reading Dec 2. But God had more important things for Sylvia. I will say a special prayer on Dec.2 for her. A great loss of us, a gift to God. Donna G
Earleen W. wrote:
Sending utmost heartfelt condolences to All of Sylvia Browne's Family. My thoughts & prayers are with all of you. I am so heartbroken, and so very very sad, still in shock. Thank you so very much Sylvia for sharing your gift. I am so grateful. You saved my life, and will continue to do so by all of the wisdom you have shared. You are with God now, I am so happy for you. See you when I get there. * Blessings * Peace * Love * Light * earleen w
Manuel N. wrote:
May you rest in peace, Sylvia ..I watched you on the Montel Williams show from a young age.. You brought comfort, clarity, and understanding to many people... I read your books and they brought me inner peace and light in hard times... You strengthen my faith in a supernatural power. u Manuel N
Jeanne B. wrote:
I am saddened at the news about Sylvia passing. Her books have given me my sense of self and the belief that we are all on our spiritual journey on Earth. It is comforting to know that death is simply the death of our bodies, a vessel, and that our souls are timeless. I believe that we are all here to learn and perfect our souls. This is a wonderful thing! I would also like to add that Sylvia's books gave my Mother great comfort while she was dying. We read these together and she felt tremendous comfort by them. Thank you. Sylvia will be missed, but remember that she is now with God on the other side, and happy - very happy! Jeanne B
Cathy F. wrote:
My condolences go out to all the family and friends. May she be soring the skys next to our dear Lord Jesus. I hope you did not suffer in your passing and I know you are reading as I am writing. May God Bless you and your family. I enjoyed her books and her shows so much it got me to read again and to get closer to God. May God bless you all. Cathy F
Evelyn E. wrote:
May you R.I.P. I hope the afterlife is all u say it is....I believe in you and my prayers are with your family and baby girl fly!!!!! Thank u for all ur work here....gone but never forgotten.....xoxoxo evelyn e
Lynda K. wrote:
I am sorry to hear that you have gone on to a new realm and wanted to express my gratitude for the personal assistance and charitable donation your business donated to the Friends of the San Jose /SJSU Library....all your books were taken and you graciously offered to replace them...I met with Michael your assistant that day to pick them up and I was sadly disappointed that you were not were on a tour...anyway I have been mistaken for you in the Mall in San Jose, CA...I always smiled when people would ask me if I was Sylvia Brown.... Peace be with you will be missed but you will live on guiding people forever. Lynda K
Lisette C. wrote:
my deepest condolences to you and your family. I never knew or met your mother but had a love for her and her guidance........she will be missed but NEVER forgotten!! lisette c
Carla B. wrote:
Dearest Sylvia, I read that you have transitioned, Praise God, I also know that your light is shining brighter than EVER! Thank you for everything that you introduced me to way back in the early 80's, when you were $50 per call 30-60 min, lol if I recall correctly. I will miss your light! You gave me gnosis about the spiritual part of life. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Children of Sylvia, I know you take comfort in knowing where your Mother is. May the Peace be with you. Love and Light-Carla Louise Carla B
Antoinette J. wrote:
So sorry for you and your familiies lost. she will be missed by millions. I always enjoyed listening to your mother. antoinette j
Anna wrote: will be missed...always appreciated you and your insight... Anna
Bonnie Sue K. wrote:
I just want to say how sorry I was to hear that Sylvia Browne has passed away. I have enjoyed her books and television appearances and learned so much from her. She was a real blessing to many people and taught us all how to keep our faith and trust in God and our spirit guides and angels. I had the priviledge of meeting her once and she was very kind and also very funny. She had a way of lifting your soul and making you feel better. Many blessings on her soul and to her family. I am very sorry for your loss and want you to know I will include you in my prayers. On the other hand, I'm sure heaven is rejoicing that she is back home again. Bonnie Sue K
Kim wrote:
RIP Sylvia, You were a very classy lady and gave a lot of insight in your books. I would have liked very much to have met you in person. You will be dearly missed by many. Kim ~
Debbie h. wrote:
my condolences to you and your family for the loss of a wonderful lady. She will be missed. Touched a lot of lives including mine. God Be with her. love you Sylvia. Debbie H
Maryann M. wrote:
I am so sorry for her family, i lost my mama 15 yrs does not get easier in time, for us that is....for her it is a wonderful journey being reunited with loved ones that have crossed over...God bless all of you...Sylvia Brown, you are very special and unique, and i love you for that, thank you for all that you have done here.. rest in peace sweet lady...sincerely Maryann maryann m
Shari D. wrote:
RIP Sylvia. You are at home. I am lighting a candle tonight for you. You will be missed by so many!!! xoxoxox Shari D
Joanne M. wrote:
I was sorry to hear that we lost you. You will be missed so much by so many that you gave comfort to; especially me when I needed you most. I know you are happy to see your Grandmother again. Love to you Sylvia and thank you. JoAnne M
Kat wrote:
Dear Sylvia, Enjoy a blissful eternity in the presence of Almighty God, his Son Jesus Christ and in union with the Holy Spirit. May you forever be surrounded by your loved ones and your pets and every pain and sorrow be wiped away. We love you. thank you for sharing your life with us. Kat
Tammy H. wrote:
Sylvia, thank you so much for your inspiration and guidance that you brought into my life through your books and television apprearances; your books gave me strenght to get through some tought times in my life after the loss of my daughter.....God Bless you as God has called a specail ange homel..... Tammy H.
C.B. wrote:
Dear Chris and Family, I just found out about Sylvia Browne's passing; and would like to thank you for 20 years of accurate advice, both from all of Sylvia's books and from the Montel Williams show. Your mom and grandmother helped the world and thank you for sharing her with us. With my greatest sympathy, C. B.
Janice M. wrote:
Sylvia - I have seen you only a few times in person, read almost all your books and watched you on Montel for years. You have been such an inspiration and I will always be grateful for you and all you have done. I have lived my life with your teachings and will always love you. Enjoy your homecoming on the other side. Your legacy will continue. Thank you. I will miss you!! Janice M
Claire M. wrote:
Sylvia - You're the best. You are brave and honest; you are loved and are missed. Enjoy being back home; you deserve it. For Katherine, Kyle, Tim, and me--thank you and thank God for sharing you. Claire Claire M
Nettla C. wrote:
I had the great pleasure of attending Sylvia Browne's event on 7-29-2011 at the Paragon Casino in Marksville,La. I brought my 2 daughters & my husband, We had a great time & had an opportunity to have her autograph several of her books, I personally own over 35 of her books!!!! My Birthday is 10-22, and I received her book "PSYCHIC" from my oldest daughter for my birthday, I am so blessed! MY oldest daughter had a breakthrough the next day after attending Sylvia"s session, she has been on a positive path in her life ever since!!!! All I have to say is "THANK GOD" for Sylvia coming into our lives for the last 20 years!!! "GOD BLESS" Rest In Peace! Net Nettla C
Sara F. wrote:
My deepest sympathy to Ms. Sylvia's family! She will be extremely missed!! sara f
Nancy wrote:
My condolences on your loss. May she find her way tot he Light. Nancy
Nicole wrote:
I would like to send my deepest condolences to you Sylvia and your Family. I'm so sad that this had to happen to you so soon. I imagined you living until you was 100 years old. I always wanted to get a reading from you but I guess I will talk to you in my prayers. May your soul rest in peace always. Love Always, Nicole Nicole
Julie wrote:
Oh Dearest Beloved Teacher Sylvia, I know your Soul must be soaring toward God with glee. Thank you so much for your love, widsom, church and teaching. I love you so...and will miss you so. Until we meet again...Godspeed beautiful, wonderful, loved one. Julie
Chanelle K. wrote:
Sylvia - your books helped me through a very hard time in my life! They gave me the closure and peace that I needed to move forward. I got to meet you once and that was a dream of mine... although I never could find the words, thank you! Chanelle K.
Diane W. wrote:
My prayers are with yall. She will be missed. Dianne W
Roseanna F. wrote:
Dearest Sylvia, my heart was broken when I heard of your passing this morning. Words cannot express how sad I am that God has called his angel home. You have changed many lives in so many ways and given us great strength and knowledge. You will be dearly missed. My heart and prayers go out to your family and friends during this very difficult time. May they find peace in knowing you are home with God, happy and watching over them. Roseanna F. Roseanna F
Lisa C. wrote:
I was sad to hear of Sylvia passing today. I followed Sylvia from the age of about 14. I first watched her on a show, as a guess star, in the bay area with Ross McGowan back in the 80's and then on Montel. I feel, the life of a psychic, is greatly misunderstood and was sorry to see the deconstruction of Sylvia over the years. I know she was very gifted and the stress of this gift, was at times, a burden. She wasn't always accurate for some, but she was truly gifted and I believe she just got tired. Only God and Goddess know the true path and I'm not sure they know 100 percent of the time. Meeting and interacting with Sylvia, changed my life in a very positive way. She gave me a very accurate reading the day I met her. In fact, I was a skeptic, until that day. She touched my soul. As new information and opinions come into my life, I will always remember something she said to me. "Keep what speaks to you, and leave the rest behind." She truly believed in this advice and so do I. Blessed be Sylvia Brown, Blessed be her family, Blessed be everyone she touched, Blessed be those who got a less than accurate reading. Blessed be Mother and Father God. Goodbye Sylvia and see you on the other side. Gratefully, Lisa C
Ann R. wrote:
Sylvia Thank you for all your wonderful books & your teachings. I am so thankful I had the opportunity to see you in person last year and ask you a question. You will be missed Ann R
Sue R. wrote:
your mother and you - yourself - changed my life and opened my eyes to God in a way I cannot describe!! May God bless your family! I am sure your mother did as she wanted to - hit the ground running!!! sue r.
Robert G. wrote:
Rest in peace Sylvia... Robert G.
Jill F. wrote:
We have lost one of the greatest teachers of our time she will be missed her books and teachings have taught me so much words cannot explain how thankful I am she was not just a physic she was a saint a messenger from God ,Bless You Sylvia Love Jill Franco Jill F
Tiffany wrote:
I send my deepest condolences to you and your family. Your mother truly inspired many, putting faith & hope back into humanity. love & light Tiffany
Carol C. wrote:
Chris, although I never met you, I must express my deepest sympathy in the loss of your mother. I, too lost my mom this year an she and I always were fans of yours and Sylvia's. Will be praying for you and sending good thoughts your way. Wish I could have met her. Carol C
Lori F. wrote:
My heart felt love to all of your family members at this time. I know you are in wonderful place, as you so shared your wisdom about this with the world. I was honored to be a member of your church while living in CA, and I will never forget you, or your teachings, and love youn had for people. Rest in peace my wonderful lady. Thank you for your gifts you shared with us all. I will miss your insights. Lori F
Dan wrote:
I will miss Sylvia! God Bless her and may she enjoy her new existence on the other side! Dan
Nina and Eric C. wrote:
Dear Chris, Eric and I are sorry for the passing of your mother and we extend our sympathy to your family. She had a huge impact on many and certainly on Eric. Our deepest sympathy, Nina and Eric C
Alice wrote:
I would like to express my sincere condolences to Sylvia Browne's family at this time of great loss. Sylvia has helped so many people throughout her life and she will be greatly missed. I have read many of her books and was able to see her on a tour in Toronto and she had an uplifting spirit with a huge heart. She is not gone, she's just gone home. Alice
Cheryl W. wrote:
Dear Chris, I am so sorry for your loss, but so happy for Sylvia to finally be home. I hope she comes back to be my spirit guide. Been meaning to get a reading from her for years and just never got the money together. I love her and know she and all her work will always be with us. She did so much good in the world. She was truly a blessing and I know she is always near all we have to do is ask. I can't wait to see her again on this side or on the other side. If Francine isn't busy, maybe she could help me out. LOL Love and Light to you and your family! God Bless! She is still alive and well and will do much more now that she has crossed over. Truly will be missed on this planet we call Earth! Cheryl W
Elaine D. wrote:
We are very sorry to hear of your Mom's passing. Deepest sympathies to you and your whole Family. We feel her loss already and wish she was still with us but know she is in a glorious place, visiting loved ones she has been missing. God Bless All of you and your dear Mom. We love her very much and so thankful for her gifts that taught us all about the Heavens, our spirit guides and she kept us laughing! We were going to see her here in NJ in January. We will miss not being in the same room with her and hearing her voice. If you are talking to her, please tell her the world misses her already, especially her Jersey fans. Elaine D
Kim M. wrote:
I am so sorry for your loss. Your mother was an amazing women. After reading her book The Other Side and Back when it first came out my life changed, as far as my beliefs were concerned. It answered so many questions and renewed my faith. I will truly miss this wonderful women. Again I am so sorry for your loss, but as we both know because of her teachings so is in a better place. Sincerely, Kim M
Cynthia wrote:
My condolences to Sylvia's family and friends. My elderly mother was a great fan of hers and I would always buy my mother one of Sylvia's books for her birthday or Christmas. Sylvia was fascinating to listen to. She helped many people in so many ways. I believe she was an angel on earth trying to guide people to a better life. RIP Sylvia and may God bless you and your family. Cynthia
Lynn B. wrote:
Sincere sympathies to family and friends on Sylvia's passing. I have enjoyed her appearances on Montel and read her books which I thoroughly enjoyed and they were indeed a great learning experience. Hugs to all. Lynn B
Corrina L. wrote:
My condolences for the loss of your mother, she touched many lives & ive been a long time fan, have many books, seen her live in Seattle, WA in 1999. She was scheduled to do a show soon here in WA state at Emerald Queen Casino, I believe lots of casinos up here.. lol but I was looking FWD to going. Im sure we all know she up with God & very happy now, still, she will be missed by me, so im sure as well by you & your family, so I just felt the need to tell you & your family that im very sorry for your loss & thank the Good Lord that she didn't lay suffering & slowly dying in a hosp somewhere, I believe... due to her last live appearance Nov 13th. God is good to her Corrina L
Christa wrote:
Chris, I am so sorry for your loss. Your mother was a wonderful woman and she will be missed. Christa
Annette S. wrote:
Chris, My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. I live in Olympia Washington and was going to see her at Little Creek Casino when I found out she called in sick that day. It is such a great loss to us all. She did come and visit me in a flash last night to let me know she knew I wanted to see her and she let me know my family is all ok in heaven. I got to see a few glimpses of my dad, stepdad and my brother-in-law. She is very happy in heaven and is now watching over all of us. Bless you and your family. Sincerly, Annette S
Patti M. wrote:
Chris - I have never written to anyone in my life but I have the need to. I have followed your mother for 40 years and read everyone of her books. Without her I would have not made it....................I finally was able to get tickets to see her in January 2014 - I had a chance to meet with her and ask her one question..............I was on cloud nine finally after all these years. I was devastated to hear about her passing and I am so sorry for your loss. Heaven is rejoicing as she is finally home. I will never forget what she has done for me and the steps I took because of her, I have a new sense of spirituality because of her and she will always be a light in my life and I am so sorry I did not get to meet her in person that is okay I knew her anyway..........and thanks for sharing her all these years......................she will be with you forever..................................God Bless you and your family - Patti M
Crystal wrote:
I am very sad to hear of Sylvia's passing. I enjoyed her lectures and her books. She made me understand and no longer fear my gift. She will be greatly missed. Nonetheless, I believe she will be around. Crystal
Beth B. wrote:
Connie T. wrote:
Dear Chris, I am so sorry for your loss. I know that you hold dear to your heart that she is still here in Spirit and will always be around for you when you need her. You both are ture gifted Psychics. I am so sorry for your loss. May God be with you and your family at this time. Chris, I just sent you a Reiki distant healing to you and I asked ArchAngel Michael and Archangel Raphael to help protect and heal you during this time, sending love and light to you. I am a devoted fan of your mom's. I taped her show on Montel Williams for years and studied her books. She taught me how to deal with my gifts, literally, teaching me how to protect myself and demand a spirit to leave if not from the light of God. I use her teachings every day. I do Counseling & Hypnosis Regression Therapy and Reiki and Angel Therapy/Readings. Blessings, Connie T
Cheryl M. wrote:
So Sorry to hear of your loss. My heart goes out to you and yours. I lost my mother also and I know the pain is great. But the pain will ease and always remember she is with you always. Bless you. Cheryl M
Carla A. wrote:
I am sadden by the news of Nov 21, 2013. Sylvia, you have gone home and I know you are feeling so much joy at this time. You have inspired me with your beauitful words , your love your spiritual teachings and your eternal faith. I have read at least a dozen of your books in the last 3 months and you have help me in all aspects of my life . Thank you and Bless you Sylvia. I love you. To Sylivia's family I am truly sorry for your loss. My thoughts a prayers are with all who love this wonderful woman. Wishing you strength and comfort. Carla A
Kathleen S. wrote:
I am so sorry to hear of your Mom's passing. She was a true gift to us all. Through her books I found the truth about Mother God. May she console you in this very sad time. God bless Kathleen S
Nyca B. wrote:
I want to offer my condolences on the passing of Ms. Browne, who influence will last long beyond her years. Thanks for your many years of unselfish service to others. nyca b
Judith P. wrote:
I would like to extend my condolences to you and your family, friends and staff at the loss of your mother. I cried this morning when I heard the news. I am crying now. Your mother changed my life. Her books had a profound effect on me. I didn't have faith in anything. Sylvia's words changed that. Ironically, I started reading her books again for the second time within the last month. The one I am reading now is "End of Days". I wanted to come to California to meet her and schedule a reading but times have been tough and I couldn't afford it. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I am grieving right along with you. She will be sorely missed. Judith P
Nancy B. wrote:
So sorry for your loss. She was an amazing lady!!!! Nancy B
Laurie T. wrote:
Dear Chris and all your family, I just heard about your mother's passing from a friend this morning. I'm so sorry for your loss. Anyone who has followed her words and works know that her "crossing over" was a cause for celebration. I'm sure that you and yours probably don't feel like it now but your faith will lead you there when you're ready. She will be missed by many and that includes me. Please know that your family is in my prayers. God bless you. Admiringly, Laurie T
Cheryl P. wrote:
I went to one of her seminars she was wonderful and will truly be missed Cheryl P
Vickie L. wrote:
I was sad to hear Sylvia Browne crossed over to the other side. I was not supprised but I remember her lecture on a Alaskan Cruise in 2007, a physic told her she would cross over at the age of 77yrs. She even said then, she would not have want to live on this earth at an old age. I thought at least she would cross over at the age of 82. I give blessings to all her friends and Family. Paul: Do you remember a conversation I had with you at a bar on the cruise and asked you who is Michael? At that time you did not think of anybody but Michael came through for your mom and is a Sweet Sole. Its bad enough I perdict Earthquakes. We are scary sometimes. Blessings to all who knew Sylvia. I still have all her books she wrote and enjoy reading them over & over.Chris: blessings for you and your future. You had a great teacher. Maybe one day we shall meet. Does your daughter still talk to animals? She should be a Vet. for animals. Vickie L
Mary O. wrote:
Tammi G. wrote:
It breaks my heart to hear the news regarding Sylvia's passing, I was hoping one day to have a reading with her but never got the change. May she rest in piece and may God bring comfort to her family and friends at this difficult time. Tammi G
Toma wrote:
I am never good with finding the right words to express when someone passes. 1. To the family of Sylvia Browne, you all of my deepest condolences. I pray, that you all will find peace with this passing as I will. 2. when I came upon "Adventures of a Psychic" I was looking for an viable explanation as to why I see and sense things differently than others. As I grew and redirected my spiritual center I fell in Love with this woman I saw 20ft away at a lecture in Philadelphia, Pa. My one question that I never got around to asking Sylvia was about my birthparents... I am Okay with it, because as I read the majority of her books I thought of her as my own mother. May the Gods keep her safe until we all can meet again. Blessings to All Toma
Pamela P. wrote:
To Sylvia's family, I am so sorry to hear of her passing please accept my heartfelt sympathy for your loss of a great wife, friend, mother and grandmother. Sylvia's books taught me never to fear death and because of her writings I don't. I will miss knowing that she is no longer physically with us, but I am content to know that she is now with her friend and spirit guide Francine...and I can almost see her in the Hall of Records or visiting with family and friends who went before her. Sylvia was an amazing woman and psychic and I am so glad I was introduced to her books and her website years and years ago. She is free of her earthly bonds and is with the spirit world now. I know she is having a wonderful conversation with Jesus! I can almost hear her voice. Love, Pamela P
Sue M. wrote:
To the family of Sylvia Brown ; I prayed to God today to comfort you and ease your pain. Ms. Brown touch and enriched so many lives, including mine. I wish I could say more words to comfort you during this difficult time, you will be in my thoughts and prayers. Peace be with you! God Bless Sue M
Jacquieline L. wrote:
To each their own. For me, I found the 4 books I read of sylvia's exceptionally informative. I understand she wrote 44!!! The details. The obvious historical research of so much. She is a teacher for sure. These writing's are a labor of true sharing and caring. Sylvia is a matter of fact kind of gal with a wonderful intellect, educated, humble. With subjects so profound, only gifted people could even attempt to give us instruction in. Awesome. I don't know Sylvia personally, but I am a fan. My hugs to those who are in sorrow right now. I celebrate and appreciate her. She is an advanced spirit. Jacquieline L
Kathy M. wrote:
Dear Chris and family, I am so saddened at the passing of your sweet Mom. Sylivia has meant so much to me and my daughter in finding the peace we were searching for in knowing our purpose on this earth and that our loved ones are still with us here and just beyond the veil. I lost my mother last March, and she was your mother's age. Sylivia's spirit will be missed on this earth but will live on through you and your beautiful family. May peace be with you at this sad time. Sending love. Kathy M
Brenda W. wrote:
I am in all sincerity sorry for your loss. Brenda W
Michelle H. wrote:
I can not stop crying... I know that I should be happy for her graduation but now I have to wait to meet her on the other side. For many years I have tried saving money so I could meet her. I had many Questions. When I lost my dear friend this August I vowed I would try even harder to see her cause my friend and I both loved Sylvia. My condolences to the family and friends of Sylvia Browne. Your books and shows helped me through the years and I will truly miss you. Missed you here but I know I will see you on the other side!!! Michelle H
Judy wrote:
Hi Chris thank you for sharing your mother with the world,sorry to hear of her passing and sorry to your family.Your mother's books have helped me more then one time and if I think about ending my life,I remember her guide saying ,that if you do ,you just have to do it again and I don't.also I remember some of her sayings,like what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.also other ones also.I have about 35 of her books here.with love judy
Colette M. wrote:
I am saddened to hear of Sylvia's passing....I am so glad that I have had the opportunity to not only read her books but to have watched her presentations here in Edmonton and even more fortunate to have had a reading by her recently. I thank God that she was a part of all our lives. My heart goes out to you Chris. colette m
Danielle wrote:
So sorry I never had the chance to be physically near you in this life. I am confident we will meet one day in a different way. My sincere condolence to your family Danielle
Stu B. wrote:
To Chris, and all of Sylvia's loved ones...millions of hearts around the world go out to you after the sudden and shocking love of our beloved Sylvia. I've long wanted to write to thank Sylvia, and her colleagues, for their invaluable teachings that sent me, and countless others, on a new path of spirituality. You helped me understand and believe in things that I never would have imagined at certain times in my life. A beautiful white light and soul, whose compassion and commitment to others for undeniably her foremost goal. The welcome home party on the Other Side is just beginning, as is Sylvia's eternal home in the beauty and presence of God's unconditional love. God Bless you all. Stu B
Frank L. wrote:
I had the pleasure of meeting Sylvia over the past 30 years. She was an inspiration to many. I know she is in heaven. Thank you Sylvia for all you did for me, and so many countless others over the years. Frank L
Deborah S. wrote:
We Lost a wonderful person and teacher, she will be dearly missed! She taught me so much and I will be forever greatful. sending prayers to her family. Deborah S
Tami B. wrote:
I just heard about Sylvia. So sorry for yor loss. I always wanted a read from her after I lost a loved one. RIP tami b
Sabrina E. wrote:
My thoughts are with you all at this time of our loss. Sylvia has given me hope to hang on more than once. As tears run down my face, I know it is her giving me hell about something. That was just her nature. May peace be with you as I send my love and prayers towards you. I could go on, but there is no need. You already know. Sabrina E
Shelley wrote:
So sorry to hear of your Mom's passing. I have the deepest sympathy for you and your family and Friends. I met her once, and she was truly a wonderful uplifting person. All my best. Shelley
Margaret S. wrote:
I send my deepest thoughts to you on your departure of your Mom, not loss, cause she will always be with you. I send a big hug. I was/am a fan, have most of her books, and watched her on TV cause I could not afford a real life one on one with her or you. God bless you. MARGARET S
Sharon & Elizabeth wrote:
Christopher, I am so truely sorry for your mama's passing. My heart just aches for your family. She seemed like family to me as you do. I am just so truely sorry. Please know, that our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I hope she will get to meet my husband Wayne, My grandma and my brother in heaven. God Bless You Christopher! Sharon & Elizabeth A
Sandy W. wrote:
Dear Chris, Please accept my condolences for the loss of your Mother. I know how hard that is since I lost mine a few years ago but I can honestly tell you that even though she has crossed over she will never be far away, as you will find out. She will be remembered and she will be missed but I think she has us all in a good direction for the advancement of all of our souls. May God bless you and keep you safe. Sandy W
Renee R. wrote:
My thoughts and prayers go out to the family. I learned so much about the paranormal and psychic abilities from Sylvia's books. She will be truly missed. May God Bless your family. Peace and Love Renee R
Nora S. wrote:
My family was deeply saddened to hear of the lose of our dear friend Sylvia. It is like a member of our family been lost. We know she now stands with the Lord in heaven as his new Angel. Sylvia you will be missed. We send to her family our love. We love you Sylvia God Bless you. Nora S
Lucas M. wrote:
I just wanted to say sorry for the loss of your mother and friend. The world just lost another truly great person to Jesus today. I hope you and your family or doing O.K. Lots of love and prayers to your family. God Bless. Lucas M
Sehnaz P. wrote:
Very sad for all of our loss. I will miss Sylvia very much, we loved and respected her very much. Much love and warmth to her beloved family and staff. Blessings...Phillips Family Sehnaz P
Michelle M. wrote:
I was saddened to hear about your passing but I know you will return to us someday. Enjoy the immense knowledge that you will now know and rest in peace. you will be missed Michelle M
Rachelle G. wrote:
Debbie A. wrote:
My thoughts and prayers are with Sylvia s family in this time of sorrow. I have seen Sylvia a couple times she certainly an amazing woman. God bless you Debbie A
Donna F. wrote:
I am so sorry for your loss. Sylvia has had a profound impact on my spirituality when I was questioning many things in life. I have all her books and have seen her numerous times on talk shows. I will miss her. God be with you and your family. Donna F
Debra D. wrote:
Shirley wrote:
I was deeply saddened to hear that your mom passed away. I have been interested in her work since 1984 and have eagerly awaited whatever new was published. She was a strong woman and her books helped me when I had doubts, pressure or just had my faith shaken by outside forces. I also found it strange that I could never seem to hold on to my collection of her books because if someone needed consolation or had doubts about life after death, I would loan them my copy of what was appropriate...and never got them returned. I thought of it as divine intervention rather than someone being forgetful. We will all miss her laughter and her ablilities to help people through hard times. My heart truly goes out to your family, and as I pray for her I know she is there to continue to guide you . Shirley
Gloria L. wrote:
Chris, so Sorry for your great loss to you and sylvia's husband and all the family. I am in disbelief. Love your mom so much. Love all her books. Her books were always in my christmas list or birthday list. I understood sylvia so much. She was a lovely lady and she will be missed but we are so blessed to have known her through tv, internet ,etc. It's sad but you know I am Happy for her because I know she didn't leave us alone. she's with all our loved ones that have left before us. I love her!!! I just didn't make it to a group or cruise to view her live. But I have her books to look into forever. Gloria L
Gail M wrote:
It is with great sadness that we hear of Sylvia's passing however, the knowledge that she has moved into the light without fear and with a sense of peace is comforting to all. My condolences to her son Chris, her husband and her grandchildren. along with her sister. And to all who loved her and who will miss her light, I send prayers for comfort and healing. Thank you Sylvia. I had the blessing of seeing you numerous times, reading most of your books and having a private reading with you some time ago. You are and will continue to be loved! Gail M
Richard P. wrote:
I had the great fortune of being on the same flight with Sylvia and her husband a year ago. Had a wonderful conversation. Thank you Richard P
Margaret K. wrote:
OMG....I just heard about Sylvia...No, it can,t be true. OMG OMG OMG margaret k
Mary M. wrote:
Joy L. wrote:
Bon voyage to the unsinkable, Sylvia Browne! You had class. You had style. And let's not forget, your well-dressed smile~dear one! Work~you sure did! Write and publish~thanks to all your determination and grace~you truly contributed to making the world a brighter place to study, learn and grow. Making the most of how God made you~lent itself to me seeking the same~I thank you. In the big field trip we call life, you have left some lovely footprints. Bless you, release you and go to God. Big hugs and deepest appreciation. Joy L. P.S. Gonna miss your big hair and fancy long nails. ;
Sylvia O. wrote:
Chris: I thought it was amazing that your mom and I had the same first name and I have a son named Cristofor. For years I heard, felt and saw things but kept it to myself. It was seeing your mother on Monteil and joining her study group in Sacramento that made me feel that I was not crazy and helped me understand who I really was. I loved your mother and felt such a bond to all she believed and all she was. I will be forever grateful for her in giving me the understanding of who I really am; a spiritual being living a human experience. She is home now and had the party of her life. Angel blessings to you and your family. Sylvia O
Marilu S. wrote:
My most sincere condolences to the beloved family members of Sylvia. My heart is breaking with sorrow in her passing. In 1998, in my desperate time of need, My God and My Lord Jesus Christ and the Virgen de Guadalupe, who saved my life, brought me to Sylvia. It is through Sylvia's God-given gifts that Sylvia saved me, my life and my health. I am eternally grateful to her. I am deeply, deeply sadden by her passing; she went to soon. Humanity needs souls like her to remain with us for a very, very long time. I shall always be eternally grateful to her and will miss her terribly. I know that she will be watching over God's children from Heaven. Because I know that her work is not finished but will be working for humanity from a different realm. Descanse en paz, Sylvia. Y no se olvide de nosotros. Con mucho carino, Marilu Serrano. Marilu S
Gloria M. wrote:
I had a reading with Sylvia on May 2nd of this year. It was like having a conversation with an old friend. I was just lucky to be able to speak with her. I spoke to Michael a few times her secretary because I was going to help out with her show at the Keswick Theater in Glenside Pa. Because of an illness she had to reschedule so I was able to have a reading with her 2 days after calling.I'm so glad to have the tape so I can listen to her again. Thank you Sylvia. We bonded. What a special person you are Gloria M
Joanie wrote:
I am deeply saddened by your mothers crossing. Svlvia was like a mother to me... in ways that are difficult to explain in words. Please know that she touched so many of us, and changed our lives forever. I will forever be grateful. I love her, and all of you, and you are in my heart and prayers.~ Joanie
Billy K. wrote:
Dear Chris: I extend the deepest sympathies to you and your familiy. I live in the St louis area and was fortunate to hear your mom twice in person. I really believed in her and your continued work you will do. I know she is in heaven. I don't think we ever are ready to let them go but her love for you will always be there. Again, all the best to you. You had a wonderful saint of a mother! Many blessings to you all! Billy K
Lynise T. wrote:
Aloha to You, I've read almost all your books since a good friend introduced You into my life in 2000. Many positive seeds have been planted thanks to your kokua help and words of God. You've also cleared a lot of my past. I found another book at a used books shop yesterday: Exploring the Levels of Creation. Your input and words have, as always, updated my akua spirit and cleared my thoughts. I enjoyed seeing you in Honolulu in early 2000's. I still haven't seen my spirit guide and I don't know her name, so I named her Buddy. That's what she is to me and very much a reality. She has physically helped endless times and my gratitude will never cease. Mahalo plenty for your kokua in this life. Aloha pumehana in warmth, Lynise T
Charlene S. wrote:
I am very sorry for your loss, i did not personally know your mom but watched her all the time when she was on montel and read some of her books .. She was truley a awesome person . When i heard of her passing i was very sad but know she is in a much better place but will be so much missed . I wish i could of went and saw her when she was at little river last year i believe but could not swing it .. My heart and prayers go out to you and the family and friends she will be missed char sibley from grand haven MI charlene s
Cindee wrote:
Dear Chris, I am wishing you and your family peace and love during this time of grief. I am so eternally grateful for the world that Sylvia opened up to me. I know I will continue on the learning adventure that she got me started on several years ago. Cindee Cindee
Greg wrote:
Chris, I am so sorry for your loss! I wish there was something I could do - I loved your mom. Take care and hang in there! My phone broke years ago so I lost your number, but you can always get my number from Ray if you ever have a moment and would like to talk. God bless and take care brother!!! Cheers, Greg
Pam S. wrote:
I'am so very sorry to hear of your mother Sylvia's passing. her books help me Soooo much in my husbands passing. My Thoughts & Prayers are with you all. And I smile in knowing your Mom is having the time of her life on the other side! Love & Blessings, Pam S.
Ursula H. wrote:
I just read the news of Sylvia's passing, what a shock !!!!!!!!! She helped us all . My condolences to you & your family. Ursula Hak4en Ursula H
Cathy F. wrote:
Dear Chris I for some reason think Sylvia may have known it was her time. She was a wonderful person and helped so many. I had the pleasure of seeing her live in Florida once and really wish I could see her again. I hope you have more videos of her to share cathy f
Christina R. wrote:
My prayers go out to you and your moms entire family for your loss. I personally never had the pleasure to meet or talk to your mom but I felt like I knew her from watching her on tv, computer and all her books. I thanked God for Sylvia many times ,she has taught me a lot and lessened some of the pains in life for me, she answered my whys, and made me understand this life we live in better, I always knew there was more then this life as we'll and I love all Sylvia has taught me through her books about the other side. I didn't have to know her personally to know what a beautiful loving good woman she is, I am so grateful that she was brave enough in the time she started to share her gift from God with us, she is the true psychic pioneer. I love her with all my heart and soul, I know she's happy .God bless you and your family. Christine R.
Mary Ann wrote:
Dear Chris and Family, Please accept our condolences and prayers . Your Mother helped more people and their pets even if they didn't have chance to sit with her. Her work was a true life dedication for Humanity and beyond. I couldn't be more happy to share her work with as many people as I could in hopes they were helped... I had the opportunity to speak with her March 9, 2005, Hay House session, Her voice felt like an energy, not just a human's voice. I knew from that day on much would go nicer and back on track. We hope to see your Daughter, Angelina, carry on the same way. We already know you will ! Peace and love to you all.... Love, Mary Ann & Family.
Karol wrote:
My heart goes out to your family at this time! I have been a fan of your Mother for years now. I have all her books and even went to one of her speaking engagements. The thing I liked about her most was she had common sense. This has been a year of loss for my family also, and I respond to this by celebrating all my loves once very first Christmas in heaven. Your Mother always said that a persons first Christmas in heaven is always a special time. Karol
Helen A. wrote:
Sorry for your loss, loved watching your mom when ever I got the chance on the Montel show it was the only time I got into a show and on guest appearances on other media. God bles and keep her! Helen A
Kathleen wrote:
Sorry to hear that your Mom has passed away. I thought I was crazy till I started ready your Mom's books,I soon found out that I was not the only one on this planet that experience the same things I did.. She was a wonderful person and helped many people .She will be missed but not forgotten! Thank you Sylvia for all your wonderful books !! Kathleen
Destiny wrote:
While my Heart breaks for Sylvia's family at their great loss, I know she will be Forever with you and her Fans for Eternity. I've been subscribing to Sylvia newsletter for a long time and always cherished her Words of wisdom. Recently suffering a loss my own recently, not to mention those I've lost in recent years, they will Forevermore live on in my Heart, and I know the same will be for those that Cherish and Love Sylvia. Blessings filled with Love to you Sylvia for I know you're not gone but on the Other Side of Life where you haved adventured and shared with others for so many years. Destiny Destiny
Linda P. wrote:
I loved your mom too. went to 3 of her programs and enjoyed it very much. She will be greatly missed. Thank you for sharing her with the world. I love you Sylvia, ... till we meet again. Linda P
Margaret wrote:
I am sorry for your loss. Your Mom gave so much to so many and she will be missed. Margaret
Jean C. wrote:
I just heard about Sylvia's passing. So very sorry for her family. I can't believe she is gone. She was suppose to have at least 10 more years on this plane. I just can't believe it, doesn't seem real. She will be missed by thousands or people. My heart goes out to her sons and family. God be with you. Jean C.
Judy H. wrote:
Just wanting to express my sincere sympathy to Sylvia's family for your loss on a very profound spirit..........I have read a few of Sylvia's books and became peaceful within after reading them. She touched many...................and will continue to do so.............she bears my mother's name, same spelling. ...................there has to be something special and spiritual about that. In Sympathy.................Judy H
Paula C. wrote:
I would like express my gratitude to Sylvia's family for sharing her with the world. She's a remarkable spirit that brought Devine light to my soul. In 2013 I was blessed to finally meet her in Oklahoma. It was a very emotional experience. I nearly fainted when my seat number was drawn out of hundreds and I was able to go ask her a question. She seemed so frail yet so powerfully strong. I was truly inspired by her willingness to help others despite her weakened physical condition. She's like a "Rock Star" in my eyes. I could tell she wasn't feeling well and had an irritating cough yet she stayed to sign books. I was especially blessed to have shook her hand. I will always cherish the encounter. With warm regards, Paula C.
Kathy S. wrote:
My condolences to you and your family.Your mom was a larger than life spirit who gave us so much.Blessings to you all kathy s
Magggi wrote:
Sending condolences to all in Sylvia's family. She was always a delight to those of us in the 'news business.' Our first, very memorable interview many years ago, centered on the messages she said she was receiving from the late Elvis. It was a great story, and became one of many. On a personal level, the first time we met, I felt I was greeting an old friend. Whenever we met in the years that followed, it was the same. Prayers, and best wishes. Maggi
Vicki B. wrote:
Dear Chris, I am saddend by Sylvia's passing for all of us who remain earthbound. I feel that she is very happy to be home. All of my life I had been looking for answers. Since I was in the 4th grade at a Catholic School. I wasn't catholic but my dad was. Anyway, I kept trying out different denominations and none answered my questions. When Sylvia came into my life with her books and television appearances on Montel I was so happy and relieved that finally someone was answering my questions!!! I shall miss her very much. Sincerely, Vicki B
Veronica V. wrote:
Dear Chris, my deepest sympathy goes out to you and your family. As sad as it that the world has lost one of its most amazing creatures we all must remember that she is a place that she loves-she is home. I hope that everyone feels as grateful as I do for having been able to enjoy all of her gifts to the world including having a son that also offers a great deal to all of us. I hope that you take comfort in knowing that even though you can't see her she is right there watching over you. I thank you and your mother for everything you have given me personally and spiritually. Sincerely Veronica V veronica v
Joann V. wrote:
Chris i am so sorry for your loss of your mother my my heart is heavy for you guys all of you I wanted you to know that your mother was my mentor she helped me learn the ways through this life that knowledge that she gave me the lessons that she gave me and the abilities that she showed me that I had we will all truly miss her in this life but will be glad to see her on the other side my though workhts and prayers to the family i will carry on my work sending the messages from the other side my God be with u joann v
Pam J. wrote:
My life changed when i found Sylvia. I was blessed to see her twice, the last time on 09-13-2013, Lincoln City, Oregon. I knew it was the last time I would see her. I pray her passing was peaceful and her family was with her. I have almost all her books and a number of her recordings, so I will always have a part of her with me. She gave me a peace and understanding that no others were ever able to do. Her teachings and guidence lifted that vail that makes that possiable. I still feel a saddness though but I do know she has gone on to a much better place.All blessings to her and her family. pam j
Sandie G. wrote:
I want to send my condolances to Chris and his entire family. I was shocked to hear the news about Sylvia's passing. Her work has inspired me to get in touch with my spiritual side, nonetheless has helped me to understand and now see/speak to those on the other side. i have read many of her books and please accept my sincere thoughts when I say that we have lost a Great Woman, who was never afraid of what others thought and always said what was on her mind. Sending you all lots of love and light during this difficult time. Yours Truly, Sandie G
Melanie M. wrote:
Dear Chris, So sorry to hear about your Mother's passing, but she is in a better place and she's retired. I will miss her very much and wish that she didn't go so soon, but we all have our time and she helped me and so many people. God Bless you and your family. Love you, Love her, Love, Melanie Marks Melanie M
Lynda wrote:
Chris, I am grieving the loss of your precious mother Sylvia. If not for a person handing me one of your mother's books in the late 1980's, and telling me to read it, I dare say i would not have been prepared for what was to come, loss of so many loved ones, then, "The death of two of my grown children"! Her books, her lectures, etc. prepared me in knowing, "There is something more than this earth schooling." Chris, your mother Sylvia "WILL BE OH SO MISSED AND GREATLY LOVED." Thank you. Lynda
Lisa C. wrote:
Chris i am so sorry for your and your family's loss. Your mother is a wonderful woman who will be missed by so many.......we all feel like we lost someone from our family with her passing. My prayers go out to you an your family. Much love to all of you. Lisa C
Jean C. wrote:
I am so very very sorry to hear of your mother's passing. She was such a bright star in this world of darkness. Now God has called her home to brighten the stars there and while we understand that she has not died but just gone home, it still leaves such a void in others. You know she will come back to you and talk with you and someday when God calls you home you will be with her once again. God loves you and will keep you safe and your mom will look down upon you everyday. God Bless you all your family and workers within the office who lived her life with her for so many many years. Jean C.
Linda P. wrote:
I was so shocked to hear of you mother's passing. I feel like I lost a great friend, although, I have never met her. I send my love and sympathy to you and your family. She will be missed by so many people that truly have been touched by her God given gift. God Bless Her Soul In Heaven. Linda P
Paige wrote:
Sylvia's book Phenomenom ispired me. My outlook on life changed because of her. I believe she is at peace. Paige
Brenda B. wrote:
So sorry to here so Sylvia's crossing over.I got the good luck to see her in daughter and I had front row seats.I have loved her for ever.she will b missed greatly. brenda b
Bonnie Z. wrote:
Chris and family - so many people have been helped by Sylvia throughout her amazing and blessed lifetime. May you & your family be consoled at this trying time. And may her new life be equally amazing as the one she just left. Thank you. Bonnie Z.
Deborah T. wrote:
Please accept my sincere condolences for your great loss. Your mother made a great difference in many lives and many of us loved her so very much. She introduced me to Mother God and I will be eternally grateful. I know what a devoted Mother and Grandmother that she was to you and yours. May you all be blessed with peace and comfort during this difficult time. As Sylvia always said, God loves you and so do I. Sincerely, Deborah T.
Brunilda wrote:
Thank you for all that you have given us and will always be grateful. We now have you on the other side to help guide us as we strive to improve our worth. May God continue to bless you and your devoted family. P. Brunilda
Becky M. wrote:
You will be missed greatly here Sylvia. When we saw you in Milwaukee about 10 years ago you said you have about 10 years were right. Enjoy your new journey Sylvia. You have touched my life in many ways and helped my heart heal. Love and light be with you friend, and thank you. -Becky M
Barbara wrote:
Dear Chris and Family, I am so sorry for your loss of your Mom . I know she was not afraid of death and both of you have given me much hope through you books. I was very Blessed to be in a few Audiences when she was in Portland and Lincoln City, Oregon. Please be assured of my continued love and support for you Sylvia and your Family. Lovingly, Barbara Minister of a Compassionate Heart
Alicia B. wrote:
Dear Christopher and family, I am so sorry for the loss of your mother Sylvia. My heart breaks knowing she is no longer here. My deepest condolences to you and the family. She was such a light in this dark planet. She helped so many people. Even though I never met her, I will miss her very much. I feel as know I personally know her through watching her on t.v to reading every single one of her books. She has taught me so much and I am forever grateful for her. Again my deepest condelences. You all are in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Alicia
Betty S wrote:
Thank you, Sylvia, for 30 years of insight, courage, humor and grace. Your fan since 1982. You will be missed on this plain. God's speed on your journey. With great affection, Betty Betty S
Isabella J. wrote:
The world will mourn Sylvia's passing but heaven I expect, will be rejoicing. Thank you Sylvia, you changed my life, there are no words to express how grateful I will forever be. Godspeed, Isabella J
Barbara J. wrote:
May the great memories & the comfort of family & friends somehow out weight the grief of loss go out to Silvia's family. I've been fascinated by & followed your events most of my life, all the while wanting to meet you in person. I tried once, along time ago unfortunately I didn't have enough money. That's okay because I have learned so much since & admired you from afar. You will be so missed Silvia, I have no doubt we'll all be seeing you in another time. Thank you for being here during my life time. Barbra J
Bonnie C. wrote:
Dear Chris, I was so very sorry to learn of the loss of your dear mother, Sylvia. I met her in Austin, TX, many years ago and she brought such a peaceful and serene presence to the room. Her books, her wit and her charm all served to teach us all on Earth how to live a spiritual and Godly life. I admired her and I feel like a piece of me is less today, but richer for her presence on this Earth. I send my deepest condolences to you and your family. I know you will carry on her work, as you and a grand daughter share her psychic gift. Love and gratitude to you for sharing your mom with the world. What an amazing person she is and always will be. I do hope my recently departed mother, Lucille, makes your mom's acquaintance in heaven today. Fondly, Bonnie C
Barbara C. wrote:
The world has lost a unique psychic & a woman that has touched somany lifes in so many ways. I've watched Sylvia tiredlessly so much throughout my life & hold the highest of respect for her & alwsys will. I can honestly say I loved her & always will. My condolances go out to her family & to the world in our loss. I know tho for sure that there's a spectacular home coming up above as we moarn our loss...till we see each other again Sylvia! 3 Barbara c
Barbara B. wrote:
Chris...I am sure I am just one of millions that share the sadness we feel with the loss of your mother...I just loved her and she will be soooo missed...she was a firm believer in reincarnation so we all know she is not far away...she will always be in our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and I will pray for strength for you all during this trying time. Love to you All! Barbara B
Betsy A. wrote:
My deepest sympathy to you Chris and your family. I would like to say congratulation to Sylvia on her graduation. Betsy A
Barb C. wrote:
Chris, I am so saddened to here your Mom passed away. What joy, hope and love she gave to all of us through all the years. I know she loved you very much and was so proud of you. Take care, and thank you for your Mom. Barb
Barbara W. wrote:
Dear Chris, Sorry to hear of your Moms' passing. Her passing is exactly one week from my Moms' passing, hers in the AM, mine in the PM so I'll always remember both anniversaries of them going Home to Spirit. I want you to know I dreamt of your Mom about a week and a half before her passing and I recieved some tools for my spiritual growth and she spoke to me when she told me she said to me, "I know you know what I do." It was a beautiful dream/visitation. I will always hold that dear to my heart. Please accept condolences for you and family at this difficult time, but I know even though you are grieving, you are aware that she's in a beautiful place and will be contacting you sooner than later. As my growth continues I realize what a beautiful gift it is to know that our loved ones are just so close we can almost touch them. You already know so I won't belabor the point, just know that you are loved and we Church members and fans are thinking of you, and family. 3 and blessings always. Barbara M
Barbara P wrote:
Dear Chris, We are so sorry to hear of your mothers passing. You're mom once telephoned my husband as a personal favor from you and my son Mark Chin. that phone call came at a crucial time in my husbands life.....he had just lost his father and two younger brothers. So, I am thankful to your mom and yourself for the opportunity and insight you gave to my husband. I pray for God to surround you and your family with comfort and Peace. God Bless You, Barbara A P
Mary wrote:
I am so very sorry for the loss of your mother...My deepest sympathy goes out to you and your family at this time...Thoughts and prayers goes out to you and your family... Mary
Balvina R. wrote:
Sylvia Browne was a light of good in so much darkness; she shared that light with all her family, friends and fans and I am blessed for having learned from her the meaning of God which is Love. To Sylvia's family, I send my condolences and love, God bless you. Love you! Balvina R
Terri R wrote:
I just read that Sylvia died. I want to send my most heartfelt condolences to everyone whose lives she touched, especialiy to Michael, her husband, and to her grown children. I am in Novus Spiritus and I am crying as if she was one of my best friends. Maybe she was. She will be missed by everyone, I am sure. And yes, I know, she would not want us crying...she would want us celebrating! Sylvia, you may be gone, but I will never forget you and the help you've been to me throughout the years. Terri R
Diana P. wrote:
RIP Sylvia Brown, Thank You and your husband for being so nice to my Sister Sylvia Maiavia and neice Melissa. Letting her know who killed her son Aaron B Maiavia who was killed on November 13, 2005 at age 24years of age. I had a feeling i knew Edgar did it but I believe in Karma. But thank you for giving us a little peace. DIANA P
Paula G. wrote:
We all knew this day would come it just saddens me that it came so soon. I had the pleasure of seeing Sylvia three times in lectures and having a question answered on the phone which I will never forget. Rest in peace and thank you for teaching us all you did while you when you were here on this earth. For the family, our thoughts and prayers are with you. God bless you and keep you. Paula G
Michelle W. wrote:
Sylvia was an amazing woman and an inspiration to many of her followers. This breaks my heart more than words can begin to describe but I know its even harder for her sons. Many of her fans and believers will always remember her God given talent and she will be greatly missed. I always believed in her and she was an inspiration to me in so many ways. My life will never be the same. God be with her family and remember shes in a better place looking down on us now!! michelle w
Amy F wrote:
When I heard of Sylvia's passing, my heart sank and I was shocked. I was sitting at Little Ceasar's waiting for dinner and saw the posting on Sylvia's Facebook page. I held my tears in until I left and when I got in the car and drove him, I started to cry, knowing that the world had lost someone special and someone who meant a lot to me. Sylvia had became a part of my life when my depression was at a all time low and I wanted to end my life. I remember walking through a Barnes and Noble and saw that she was doing a book signing for her new Book of Dreams at that time I rarely went into Barnes and Noble, so for me to go there at that time to see that she was going to be there really opened my eyes. A few days later my mom and I went to the signing and sat through her lecture and got to ask her a ask when she signed my book. After that day, I started reading her books and they helped me get out of the dark hole I was in. I also had an opportunity to go to have a phone interview with her and to see her at a lecture. She helped me in a time of need and helped me find my way when I was lost. Sylvia was a great woman and I will always love her dearly. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends. RIP my sweet Sylvia. Amy F
Michelle D wrote:
Dear Chris, I wanted to say sorry for the loss of your mother, She is definitely someone to be proud of! its such a bitter sweet, from all the shows to the books Iv read I truly feel like I knew her so well. She is home now but I selfishly will miss her dearly. God Bless you and all of your family ! michelle d
Deloris wrote:
Chris, So sorry, to hear of your Mother's death. Much love and light to you my friend. You have been such a help to me over the years. God and Goddess Bless. I think of you often. I feel so Blessed to have known of your Mother, and all the things she has taught me thru Novus Spiritus. Love, Deloris
Fernando R wrote:
Sylvia Brown will always have a special place in my heart i will always be so grateful to her for giving me hope, the will and the enenergy to never give up on life her books were so inspirational may peace be with all the family. Fernando R
Lemke wrote:
I just want to offer my condolances to you and your family. Sylvia was very important to my Mom. She used to watch her on Montel's show and was reading her autobiography when she passed. My Mom instructed me to read Sylvia's autobiography after she passed in 1999. I had a book about life after death from college, but my sister-in-law threw it away when I loaned it to her because it scared her. i went on a search for that book. One day we were in a book store and I went to the appropriate section and sat on the floor in front of all the books. The first book I saw was Sylvia's book "The Other Side and Back". I just looked up and said "Thanks Mom"! Her book answered so many questions and confirmed many of my beliefs! I have almost all of her books and have several on my Nook that I can reference back to. I would have given anything to have a reading with Sylvia, but never got the opportunity. I hope she and my Mom are able to connect on the other side! May she rest in peace and return only if she wants to! Lemke
Laura wrote:
Dear Chris. So sorry to hear of your mothers passing. My heart goes out to you and your family. I spoke to your mom in July of this year. She was absolutely wonderful. So loving and kind; humorous and honest. I have no doubt the heavens are rejoicing. May her love and wisdom surround you always Laura
Tiffany L wrote:
I wanted to express how deeply sorry i am for your famalies loss, as well as the many friends Sylvia had. Sylvia was an amazing woman. Her books and lectures helped not only myself, but many others heal, grow spiritually, and understand that there is an after life; our loved ones never really leave us. God bless you all during this difficult time. Tiffany L
Michael C. wrote:
Chris, If you get to look at this message, please know that I am incredibly sorry for the loss of your Mom. I know that you and your kids are probably numb and bumping into furniture right now. Please remember to drink alot of water and eat a little bit. Its gonna be really weird in the coming weeks. Your Ma has been such a vehicle of change/hope for so many, many people. I know that you are very proud of her and what she accomplished in her 77 yrs in this body. Warmest regards, Michael C
Anna P. wrote:
I just read on my facebook page about the sad news. My deepest condolences to Sylvias family and prayers go out to them at this time. She will souly be missed. Anna P
Rhonda N. wrote:
Chris - We send you and your family so much love at this time upon hearing of your precious mom crossing over to Heaven. She offered us all so much Enlightenment for our lives here on earth, and offered us Love, Insight, and Healing, so that we could grow our Souls Development here on earth. I will be Embracing all that I have learned from her in my life here, and I will be looking forward to going Home, especially now that I know that your mom will be there. We Love You Chris, and We Send Our Prayers Of Gratitude to your Mom For All that She Gave Us to Grow Our Souls Even More Because She Was Here. Rhonda N
Rozelle S wrote:
Dear Chris: We just heard that your mom passed away today. We send you warm sympathy and comfort to you and your family. My boys Alex and William and I came to see Sylvia in Oakland and Porterville not too long ago. We brought her an orchid and a book about the history of Kansas City, MO. It was one of the most memorable times of our life!!! We were so happy to have met her. We send you comfort and Peace and Light and may you and your family be well. Rozelle, Alex and William Seifert, Modesto, CA Rozelle S
Sherry wrote:
Dear Chris, Words seem so inadequate to express my sorrow at your Dear Mother's passing. My heart is with you and the rest of your family at this very sad time. Love and Peace, Sherry
Bill H. wrote:
Sorry for your loss. Your mom was a remarkable woman. Never got a chance to meet her but I read all of her books. She has transitioned to a higher plane. Once again my condolences to you and your family. Bill H
Sandie V wrote:
To all of Sylvia's Family since she saw everyone blood or not as her own, I want you to know Sylvia saved my life Her Spiritual Teachings set me on a Journey of discovery that enhanced, enlightened and saved my life. I will be expecting a visit from her now that she has passed since I never got to see her in life. I am so very happy for her knowing that her very strong connection to our Creator will ease her journey home and make it a quick one. In true Sylvia Fashion, I love you too. Many Blessings were bestowed by her and I for one will never forget all of her teachings and amazing words of wisdom Namaste Sandie V
Victoria M wrote:
Chris I am so sorry to hear of your mothers passing. She will greatly be missed. I had the honor of meeting your mom in Kansas City a few years ago. I was the third person to be called. I will never forget the occasion. She gave me my guides name and I am very grateful. My sympathy to you and your family. Victoria M
Tina wrote:
Hello there, My name is Tina Durocher (from Ottawa, Canada), and I am writing you with mixed emotions. On one hand I am so filled with Joy that Sylvia has gone home again, and is basking in Gods white light ( being embraced by Father and Mother God Azna), and welcomed by all the Angels, Francine, Her Grandma Ada, her beloved animal friends, and so many others. On the other hand, with great sadness and grief, as I feel her loss in this physical world, as she has touched my life immensely with her gifts, the knowledge and words she conveyed, and just by gracing this world with her beautiful white presence ( so full of love). I hold great love, appreciation, and respect for her. I am wondering if there is a Novus Spiritus Church in Canada? More specifically in Ottawa, Canada? Thank you, and god bless! Sincerely, Tina
Betty wrote:
Browne Family; My Deepest Sympathy to Her Husband & Family; Her Life/Lecture's,Cd's & Books, has always been an Inspiration to to me, in my Life, She was A Class Act to follow... and I "Believe" Sylvia, Nailed it, To let us know, that how much, "We" Need God here on Earth, and in Our daily life's, Always. Just how simple it was to do. Thank You Sylvia for Sharing Your Love, Spirit, Love You and Yours Always, Love & Light, Betty
Ruth wrote:
I would like to send much love and positive energy to the family , friends , and those who worked with Sylvia. I know she will be dearly missed by all. I also know that she is still with each and everyone of you and will surely continue her work on the other side. I found Sylvia's writings to be inspiring and so helpful during some of my most difficult times. Sylvia helped me to relate with my own spirit guide and I will forever be grateful to her for sharing her insight and knowledge with the world. Safe journey Sylvia , you will always be remembered.
Terry K. wrote:
Chris, Paul, family and friends of Sylvia Browne, I wanted to write you and tell you how sorry I am to hear about Sylvia's passing. For at least a decade, Sylvia was an inspiration to me. I first met Sylvia at a Barnes and Noble store in Orlando Florida. She was there speaking about psychic attacks. Several years later I found myself to be under severe and intense attacks that lasted years. I emailed Nancy and received a very helpful email back that helped me tremendously. It was then that I asked why Sylvia had not come to Utah. Lucky for me, after writing Nancy, Sylvia did come to Utah and and managed to attend her lecture. However I was not able to meet her that day due to an unavailable amount of time. But this past August, I was blessed to get the reading I had wishes for. I prayed and knew that the reading had to happen before her passing and August felt like the right time. I am so glad I followed my intuition. In the reading she acknowledged that I had earned a throne in Heaven. I will tell you, when I talked to Sylvia I did feel like I had reunited with a long lost friend. The selfish part of me wishes she could have remained on the planet longer or that all this in my life could have happened earlier so that I could have such an amazing brave person such as Sylvia guide me through this life. The world and the people can be so cruel and reluctant to even trying to understand someone like myself that has such a powerful message to reveal. My throne I was given when I met God is just the beginning of many things that I have to tell the world. I guess I am a bit like Sylvia in the sense that I have my truths to reveal and I believe and know that God chose me to do it. One day the world might know that she acknowledged my throne. And I am so glad that I was able to meet her and get my reading. But the world will never be the same. Heaven has a powerful angel that just came home. Yes, I do believe that she is more than just an old soul. I hope you all receive my letter in love and light. I am sure you all know already that heaven is a wonderful place. Terry K
Ruth wrote:
I would like to send much love and positive energy to the family , friends , and those who worked with Sylvia. I know she will be dearly missed by all. I also know that she is still with each and everyone of you and will surely continue her work on the other side. I found Sylvia's writings to be inspiring and so helpful during some of my most difficult times. Sylvia helped me to relate with my own spirit guide and I will forever be grateful to her for sharing her insight and knowledge with the world. Safe journey Sylvia , you will always be remembered.
Kathy N. wrote:
I've read a few of your moms books, they taught me a different way of seeing things.I've been to her shows,I even got call up for to answer a question for me. My daugthe and I always liked her and follows her.My daughter is so sadden by her death,she always wished she could of had a reading.Your mom bought happieness to many lives,blessed is our world because of her.Her memory will forever be with us.I am sorry for your loss.My prayers are with you and your family..Rest in peace Sylvia Brown...Forever Kathy Navarrete. Kathy N
Demetrius wrote:
Aloha from Hawaii, To the family of the Late Sylvia Browne. I would like to say please except my deepest and most heartfelt condolences. It is with a heavy heart I am writing this, but there is also So much joyfulness and happiness for Sylvia that she can finally Be Home with Father and Mother GOD again!!! To her family, I have to thank you for sharing your Wife, Mother, Grandmother and best friend with the world, we are all so much more better for having known her. I've only met her through her writings and tv appearances, but I so deeply felt like I knew her, she was family to me! She helped me understand what I was going through psychically and spiritually. In her sharing her stories, it literally helped me to be free of all of my fear associated with my waking gifts... My very first meditation I ever did was something I read from out of one of her books, and boy did I make contact, it's like a window opened and I conversed with my landlords deceased father who previously owned and lived in my house I was renting at the time. I had no idea of who he was, let alone known his name, but a clear Japanese name was revelad to me and I eventually confirmed that it surely was his name.. I was blown away! Pardon me if i seem a big long winded but i am so overwhelmed right now.. Pleaee know that i along with so many others out there are so thankful for her works and I wish her well on her journey! Rest well beloved Daughter of OM and AZNA! Light & Life Eternal! Demetrius
Sandra C wrote:
My condolences to you and your family on the loss of your Mother. A great women She will be missed. sandra c.
Debbie H. wrote:
Chris: I am sending my love to you and your family upon the passing of your mother . I have been an admirer of hers for years and will miss her greatly. I know that she is happy and in the arms of our loving God. Please continue the work that you and your mother pursued. I look forward to your guidance. When I look up into the sky I will smile and remember Sylvia Browne. Debbie H
Donna C . wrote:
Your Mother was an inspiration for me during a dark period in my life. Her books gave me insight and hope and taught me how to be open to experience the things I was supposed to experience. I use the techniques she mentioned in her books on a daily basis. I know personally how difficult it is to lose your Mother. My Mother was also a fan of your Mother. I hope that my Mother gets the opportunity to meet your Mother on the other side. Sending prayers your way. Donna C
Cheryl M. wrote:
Hi Chris-I wanted you and your family to know how much I will miss your mom and all she did. I know this will be a difficult time for all of you. This is when we all get tested to see if we really believe what we say we do. I am not as familiar with your work as your mom's but I hope that you will continue her work and give it your twist. I went to see your mom several times and I would hope that you would consider starting doing some lectures as well. I enjoyed her predictions and her take on things and I would be interesting in hearing what you have to say. May God be with you now and always. Love Cheryl Cheryl M
S. Riley wrote:
my thoughts are with your family Sylvia during this time of loss here on this plane as all of us know you are home and safe probably wrapped in love and cared for cared for because of your caring for us that changed us as humans so we went to change the community and world and will always till we meet again. my life is changed because of you and your love and philosophy so I can be the light we aspire to with God's attention and love. you taught me my belief in God my belief in truth and my spirit guide. I love you. S.Riley
Lisa S. wrote:
We love you, Sylvia and you will be dearly missed. Thank you for all of your years of service, love, and will always be a shooting star... Lisa S.
Kim B. wrote:
I am deeply sadden at your loss my deepest sympathies to the family. i learned a lot form her books. I know that she is happy at home and finally able to see Francine in person. kim b
Jessica H. wrote:
I am so sorry to hear of the passing of your mother, Sylvia. I have seen her on her tours and have read many of her books. Her insights into the spirit world have helped me tremendously, in dealing with lost loved ones. Please accept my sincerest sympathy on your loss. But we all know she is in a better place, and she is probably enjoying the beauty and peace on the other side, as only Sylvia could! Jessica H
Kelly K. wrote:
Sylvia, Thank you for being my first teacher of the spiritual realm. You put psychic phenomenon into laymen's terms and in my opinion, were the pioneer of the spiritual revolution that has now taken root in the world. May your soul rest easy knowing that yours was a job well done! Until we meet on the other side, Kelly K
Joan N wrote:
Dear Chris and family, I was saddened to hear of Sylvia's passing. I have followed her for so many years and know how much she will be missed. I will read and re-read her works for many years to come. She is timeless God Bless, Joan N
Lisa S. wrote:
I'm sorry for your loss. I'm saddened to hear about her early death. Know that your Mother and her gift helped me answer some difficult questions, whether it be through her books or television appearances. Lisa Lisa S
Dayna M. wrote:
I just want to send my condolences! I'm sorry to hear of the great loss this brings to many but hopefully peace to Sylvia. I'm unsure if she and Michael were still together, but if he is still part of her life, pleased condolences to him as well! I met him at The Oneida Bingo and Casino Regency in Green Bay, WI at least 4 yrs ago but he too was very kind. She will be missed! Thank you for your time! Dayna M
Sharon P. wrote:
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family in this time - Sylvia was a true inspiration to me and so many others. I hope that you will be able to continue her legacy in the future. She was so important in my life, I will be sad for a very long time and truly miss her..... sp Sharon P
Sharon wrote:
I just read in this morning's paper about Sylvia's passing. It was such a shock - I'm still reeling. I hoped she would be with us for many more years. Reading all of her books many 2 or 3 times and my private phone reading with her in July of 2006 changed my life. Literally. There are no words profound enough to express how grateful I am to have found Sylvia. She set me free! The world feels empty without her. She will be missed by millions. Sharon
Paula K wrote:
Dear Chris, My thoughts are with you and your family right now. Your mom has graduated to a wonderful place, where she will continue to help others who cross over. I hope that much love and prayer comfort you at this time. Paula K
Jewel S. wrote:
My deepest sympathy to Sylvia's family. She has been more than an inspiration not only in my life but my sister's lives too. It was quite a shock to here the news about her passing. Guess I always felt she would live forever. I think I have most of her books she ever wrote. My sister and I have a library full of her wonderful, inspirational books and tapes. We dearly loved seeing her live in Indianapolis, Indiana. Thank you Sylvia for changing my life and my sister's life forever. See you on the other side. Jewel S
Ginger wrote:
Hello Chris. I've tried to contact both you or Michael, but didn't have any luck. I can certainly understand you not wanting to take calls at this time. My name is Ginger and I use to be your Florist down the street on Campbell Ave. I'm retired now and living in Alabama. My family called me yesterday to give me the sad news. Working with Sylvia and her staff was a great honor. Sylvia loved plants. One of my fondest memories is a plant that was ordered for Michael's birthday. We always gave Sylvia the VIP treatment, so we decorated a tree instead. The tree was so big that we couldn't fit it into our delivery van. Someone from your office, who had a truck, had to come and pick up the tree. I wished I could be there now during your time of need. Please give Michael and all of the family my condolences. Sylvia was very gifted .... a shining star. She was loved and will be missed by many. Her star will shine brighter now. Love - Ginger
Bonnie wrote:
please accept my deepest sympathy for you & your loved ones. Thank you for sharing your mother's gift and legacy. my prayers are with you and your loved ones. bonnie
Elidia J wrote:
Dear Sylvia...I have enjoyed your many books and your sense of humor. A few years back I saw you live with Colleen in Las Vegas. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to see you, it was a grand evening. May you and your love ones know how much you were loved3 Peace and light to your love ones. Respectfully, Elidia... Elidia J
Salima N wrote:
Chris, I want to thank you for picking such a wonderful mother to be born from. Her legacy lives on through you and Angelina. I pray for your family at this time and send love. Sylvia Browne made my life make sense. My gifts are strengthened because she showed me that I was not crazy, this was the life of a psychic. May she enjoy the otherside and as a Mystic Traveler, travel to other places and spread her love. We love you all!!! Salima N
Sherry T wrote:
Dear Chris and family Words cannot convey my sympathy for your loss. Sylvia was an elect lady, whose wit and wisdom helped heal so many people. May God's Light help you all to heal from this great loss. Thank you for sharing your mother with us. We now share in your sorrow. Sherry T
Jessica G wrote:
My sister died a year and half ago at the age of 43 of breast cancer , i could not find peace in me or comfort of loosing her and just like everyone else i could not understand why her . I had the priviledge to meet Sylvia in August 2013 at the state line and was very lucky to have hold a ticket as sylvia called it luck of the draw. My ticket number was called , my sister had a message for me and sylvia related it to me and was correct to the tee . So i thank you from the bottom of my heart you presented me the comfort i so much seeking for and will always be in my heart . God bless you for all the good you did for so many of us ,another angel in heaven. Jessica G
Evelyn wrote:
Please accept my deepest sympathy for the loss Of your Mother. She was a great Lady. May she rest in peace. Sincerely, Evelyn
Helen T. wrote:
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, your mom was a wonderful person. God Bless Helen T
Joanne W. wrote:
It's a very sad time in the psychic world as Sylvia was one of a kind. She will be missed greatly by her many fans and friends. We can only imagine what she's up to on the Other Side. I am grateful to have met Sylvia on the Egypt trip in October of 2010 and will never forget it. My thoughts are with your family. In Light & Love...... Joanne W
Deanna P. wrote:
My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family in this time of sadness. Sylvia changed my life for the better and I will be eternally grateful to her. She will be in my thoughts and prayers. May God bless you and your family and give you all strength in your time of loss. Sincerely, Deanna
William K. wrote:
To the family and countless friends of Sylvia Brown. It is a very sad time for all of us. We grieve and morn the loss of our lady Sylvia. We morn more for ourselves than for her. As she is back home and at such great peace and joy once again. And we are again struggling in the world. She brought such great light and love to the earth plane. And we will always be so greatful for her teachings and guidence. She said that it is what happens after we pass over that is the true measure of our lives. She left the world a better and brighter place than as she found it. God will bless her for that always. And even though upon her crossing the world became a little dark from her absence, Heaven grew a great deal brighter with her presence. I'm sure that a grand party and celibration is happening right now in Heaven. And all of the angels are singing her praises. If what she taught and professed all her life is true, She would say "do not morn for me. But rejoice for me. And follow your heart and truth. Let not my teachings fade away, but carry on the work God sent me here to start and do on Earth". The Christ, Bhudda and all great teachers never said follow me. They said "Be like me". Well my dear lady Sylvia, you set very large shoes to fill. But we shall continue your work and strive to fill those shoes. We will never stop and never forget your example. Dear Mother and Father God. Grant Our dear lady a special place in Heaven among the honoured few. Confort us all in our loss and grant our dear sweet lady Sylvia her reward she so greatly deserves. Amen. William K
Kathi wrote:
Dear Chris, I was shocked and saddened to hear about your Mom's passing today. About 21 years ago I had flashbacks of being sexually abused by my grandfather. He had threatened that if I told anyone God would take him away. I was a recovering Catholic at the point of my flashbacks and quickly announced I was Atheist. A few years later I began reading Sylvia's books and was then fortunate enough to see her in my home state of Rhode Island. After contemplating all that I read and heard, I realized I was never Atheist but I wasn't catholic either. I found my faith and for that Sylvia will always be in my heart. My dream was always to have a private reading with Sylvia but I couldn't afford it. So although I never met Sylvia in person, she had a huge impact on my life. I offer my condences to your family. I pray to be in a better place like Sylvia is in now and I can't wait to meet her! In peace and light - Kathi
Corrie S. wrote:
Dear Chris, I am so sorry for your loss. I was heartbroken when I heard that Sylvia had passed on today. Her books and life story are what finally clicked in my mind and made this whole crazy existence on this earth and my reason for being here make sense. Since that day, my faith was concrete and I understand why I'm here on earth at school and what wonderful things I get to look forward to when I die and get to go home. Of all the people in the world there are to admire, look up to, and want to meet, she was mine, and my friend just told me about her coming to Tucson this winter and I was looking forward to finally getting to see her after waiting for 20 years, but no. I just feel so blessed for her being in this world and for all the great and wonderful things she was able to do, and the lives she was able to help and touch. She is one of God's special people and I'm sure there was one heck of a welcoming party for her when she got home. Like she says, we're sad when we lose our loved ones because they are gone from our lives, but they are so much happier and finally free and with God, and I know she is right there with the big guy where she belongs. I can't wait to finally meet her when I get there, too. God bless you and all of your family! Thanks for continuing to do the wonderful of work helping people, and you know your Mom is so proud of you! God has special plans for you, too, and your mission is important to many. Blessings, faith, strength, and courage to you and yours!!! Much love your way, Corrie S
Rosetta L. wrote:
Dear Chris. . .....The passing of your dear Mom that you and your brother shared with the world. . .We will always be grateful for. . .Her special gift will be carried on through you and I believe her granddaughter to. . .God bless you all. . . . . . .I have almost all of her books in my library and a couple of books written by you and your Mom. . .Thank you from all the lives that your family have touched. . . and blessings to her husband to. . .Sadness in all our hearts. . .and Happiness from all the lives she touched. . . .I always wanted to meet her. . .Maybe someday in heaven. . .Sylvia. . . . . . .you will be greatly missed. . . Sweet Peace to you my friend in heart of hearts, Sincerely, Rosetta Lunceford Rosetta L
jeanette C. wrote:
My thoughts and prayers are with your family at this time. I am at a loss for words, I can not believe it I am in shock. I hope your family is OK. I know you cant go for coffee anymore but, has she made contact with you to say she is ok. I know it is better there then anywhere else, and that we should be happy that she made it home but for us left here, we miss the connection she gave us to home. Thank you, Sylvia for everytihing jeannette c
Jonathan F. wrote:
Chris, I know you must have been extremely close to your mom, and I'm so very sorry for your loss. I know I would be devistated if anything happened to my mom. Please accept my sincerest condolances. I will pray for you and your family. Jonathan F
Sherry A. wrote:
Oh my. I am so sorry for your loss. Your mother has helped me understand the cycle of life and reinforced beliefs that i have always had about our lives and our past. Because of this, I am not overwhelmed with the need to ask "why" when my daughter Mallori left us on July 30, 2011 at 10 years old. She left suddenly but so peacefully and I see that as a gift from the other side. Because of your mother's teachings and strong beliefs, I know that my daughter went Home and is so safe, so happy and just waiting for the rest of us to get there. I makes me happy to know that your mother and my daughter are in such a happy and wonderful place. I know that your pain is great and so very deep. It will never heal. You'll just get stronger in being able to handle it. I'm so sorry for the loss of your mother. Like my Malmal was to me, I know your mother was also your very best friend. Sherry A
Cassie N. wrote:
I have always admired the work Sylvia has done to help as many people as she can. I have always aspired to try to become as good at readings as she was. I know that she is home now, she will not stop. She is a special soul who will always help anyone and everyone that she can. Sylvia and her light will be greatly missed in this world. I will miss my idol greatly. Cassie N
Debbie W. wrote:
I want to give my condolences to the late Sylvia Browne family and prayers for strength for all of friends to get through this time. I just loved to read about her and I am very much going to miss her deeply. Sincerely yours, Debbie W
Diane M. wrote:
This was the saddess day to hear the passing of an amazing woman.. I just want to say, when I had a reading with her 30 yrs ago she brought me so much comfort. Slyvia will be missed. Prayers go out to her family.. Sorry I had to write something At least she was greeted from her Dad..God Bless you all… Diane M
Joe O. wrote:
Dear Chris, I was very saddened to hear about your mom's passing. She was a wonderful woman. She made a very profound effect on my life. I've learned so much from her. My deepest sympathies to all of your families and friends for your loss. Your mother touched so many people. We thank God for sending her to us. Take care. Joe O.
Mira F. wrote:
Dear Chris and family. So sorry to hear about the passing of our beloved Sylvia. What an inspiration she was to all of us. A real shining light and example of a life well lived. She provided support to people in their darkest hour and for that, she will always be remembered, admired, and forever cherished. Rest in peace, dear Sylvia. Mira F
Christina B. wrote:
Dear Chris; I am so sorry for your loss! Sylvia was a very impressive part of my life. I have read very book of hers that I could get my hands on and have used them for guidance in my own life. She was cherished in my life! Again, I'm sorry for you loss and we all know that she is on the other side. Christian B
Michele F. wrote:
Thoughts and prayers are with sylvias family. God bless. michele f
Sandra wrote:
I am so sad to hear the news of sylvia's passing. Not for her as she is in the place she's wanted to be, but for me & all the millions of fans in the world who will terriblly miss her. She has been pivitol in my life. My entire being has been changed from the first time I read one of her books. My condolences to her family as I know she will be missed painfully.I am glad that I had the chance to see her at the Seneca/Niagara Casino in Salamanca, New York. She had an inspirational "gig" here on earth & I hope to see her once again on the otherside in the future. I am feeling such an emptiiness now & just wanted to let her family know how much I will miss her & that I loved her. Sandra sandra s
Margie F. wrote:
My Deepest sympathy on the passing of your mother. Sylvia was an inspiration and a wonderful person. Her many books have helped me and others. Please except my sincere condolences. Margie F
Steve G. wrote:
Hi Chris, I am very sorry for the loss that you and your family must be feeling. I join you in your sorrow. You have been a wonderful part of my spiritual life more than you will ever know and for that I thank your mom for bringing you into this world. She was a strong woman with a great deal of character. Very few people know what it is like to be a leader. Your mom was a true leader. On behalf of my wife Martha and I, please accept our deepest condolences even though we know deep in our hearts she is sitting on that bench just enjoying her place in heaven. Best, Steve.
Kristina K. wrote:
Chris, I'm sorry to hear that Sylvia Browne passed away today. I have all of her books and enjoy reading them often. She helped me to understand and contact my spirit guides on a regular basis. She will be missed by many. I also want to thank you for a reading you gave me a couple years back. You helped me get back on the right path and I am grateful for your assistance. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Kristina K
Beatrice K.. wrote:
God Bless and keep you in these next few days. So sorry to hear of Sylvia's passing this morning. She will be missed in this physical world but now she is home. I can see her now laughing and full of love at seeing her loving Grandmother Ada. "What took you so long!" She returned to her Heavenly home often I know and we will all be hearing from her in many ways in the future. May our faith be eternal. I embrace you and your family spiritually with prayers of strength and comfort. God Bless you and may He have mercy on our country in these trying times also. Beatrice K
Debra F wrote:
My heart goes out to all of Sylvia's family. She changed my life, by changing my entire belief system. I am shocked and deeply saddened to hear of her death, but I know she is with her loving family, and God. So grateful I was able to see her in person at least once in my life. I truly cannot think of anyone who has had a bigger impact, then your Mother. Thank you for sharing her with the world, for all of these years. Debra F
Kathy B. wrote:
Chris, So sorry to hear about your mom...I loved her and her teachings and had hoped to see her in person one day- she leaves a great legacy. I assume her passing was sudden as I see she had a cruise planned in March. Please let us all know what happened on her Facebook page when the time is right. She is safely back home again... My condolences, Kathy B
Jon wrote:
Hi Chris, Your mom is in a better place now. Be strong and may your life be full of love and happiness. Jon
Sharon M wrote:
I want to express my condolences on Sylvia's passing. Her writings on The Other Side helped me immensely when my father died. Up to that time I had no specific religion. While I have always believed in God, I did not understand the role the Mother and Father had in my life. Now I am proud to tell people that I am gnostic, and it makes me understand life and death a lot more. Thank you for your predictions, Sylvia, and God bless! Sharon M
Cindi W. wrote:
My thoughts and prayers go out to you at this difficult time. Cindi W
Sharon S wrote:
Please accept my deepest, heartfelt condolences for you and your family. Your mom was always accepting of others and gave so much of herself to others. I know, from her teachings, that she is happy to be home but my heart sobs with so many others who love her so. Sharon S
Catherine S. wrote:
Hey Chris and family, Just wanted to send a quick note to say how sorry I am for your lose. I'll say a prayer for you and yours. I hope your pain is eased by knowing that she was loved by so many. Catherine Smith - Lynbrook high school.
Richard M. wrote:
My Condolences To Your Family's Loss. She Was a strong spirit & Great person! Richard M
Cynthia G wrote:
My condolences to her friends and family. I am grateful I got the chance to meet her in person.
Bella wrote:
How did she sad loved her my all time favorite medium n author. .so xxx sorry for the world lost a beautiful soul n Heaven is throwing parties. God bless her soul n her family my deepest sympathy. Love you Sylvia
Angie S. wrote:
Surrounding you and your family with love and healing light. Thank you for sharing your mom with the world for all these years. Much respect and love to you all Angie S
Donna C wrote:
My deepest condolences to you and your family at this time. I wanted to schedule a reading wsith your mother but sadly I guess that will never happen. I have followed her faithfully and have the majority of her books. I'm truly sorry for your loss and hope that you and your family can find find some peace and comfort from God at this terrible time. I'm schocked to hear about this and will miss her terribly. I know there are a lot of stories floating around the web about your mother and its very sad that the skeptics have to take this time to publish their horrible messages. I wish you all well and please let me know how her website and foundation will continue. She was an amazing person and will be missed by many. All my prayers and thoughts are with you and your family at this time. Donna C
Diane R. wrote:
I have had many text and phone calls this morning but, I had already been informed of your mom's transition. I feel so selfish because I really thought we would have her for a few more years. I understand like most of us what this feels like since I lost my daughter a year ago. Even though I really didn't want to hear this comment, it actually gave me something to focus on and that is and I quote "You will never get over this loss, but you will learn to live with it". That quote has played through my mind and actually has helped. Sylvia, YOU GO GIRL, you may have left us behind, but I know you will always be near us. Love & Light to all of the family, friends and staff. Diane R
Lucy A wrote:
Chris I am so sorry for the passing of your mom. Please let the rest of your family I am sorry for her passing. Hope you will continue your work. I had a reading with you and I will be calling you for another. Your mom will be missed. Sorry Chris. Lucy A
Aimee wrote:
Sylvia, You always amazed us. Your personality, strenght, confidence, honesty and laughter drew us to you. You cross my mind often. Especially when I'm talking to my Spirit guide who I believe is a 17yr old girl :-\ Ha Ha. Anyway, I was honored to even just live in the same city as you. PLEASE know you will greatly be missed and that you DID make a life long impact on Jen and I. With love, respect and admiration, Aimee
Donna G. wrote:
I am heart broken to hear the news of Sylvia's passing.. I have had a reading with her and with Chris. Sylvia was soo real, she told me something that happened in 1968 that was no way she knew. In fact, she even put ii in one of her books. She will be missed. Not only for her readings, but she was so real and caring. I truly feel she is not gone but just on a trip. My prayers go to all of Sylvia's family at this time. Their loss is so great. But remember what she always said, "Take what you want and leave the rest behind." Donna G
Wil wrote:
Hi Chris, My deepest and sincere condolences for your beloved mother and teacher. I wanted to share a message with you. It may signify something or not. I had a dream with her last night and she mentioned something about a wicker basket? I was compelled to write you. What?s interesting is that I have never visited your site and did not even know who she was. She introduced herself to me in my dream and asked me to pass this along. I found the site and now feel like a weight has been lifted since I have been pondering on writing you or not. Take care, God bless. Wil
Rose M wrote:
I'm sorry for your loss. your moms books have helped me a lot. I'm thankful for her. she has helped me find peace within myself. Rose M
Austin C wrote:
I just want to say that I am 18, and if it wasn't for Sylvia's books, I would be a lost soul. She taught me so much, I still hold the Gnostic philosophy I learned from her in my heart. At least she's home now. Austin C
joel d wrote:
Sylvia, I cannot begin to express my sadness that you passed. My whole life changed when I read your book "Life on the Other Side". I have a complete outlook on life after reading your book, and a better understanding of everyone else in the world. Your book opened my eyes and reminded me that we are all on our own path to god, and we shouldn?t judge anyone else?s choices they make. Every day I find myself telling someone about the book, and how inspirational it is. I was raised Mormon, and it has helped me a lot with who I am. Being a gay man isn?t easy in this world, but your book spoke to me so deeply, and comforted me in so many ways. I never got to meet you, which I will regret the rest of my life. I was thinking about your passing yesterday and it came to me that you are experiencing everything you talked about in your book, how awesome. I am sure Francine is thrilled to have you on the other side. Rest in peace, and thank you again for all the inspiration you have instilled in me. Joel D
Belinda C wrote:
I'm so sorry to hear about Sylvia. I have read many of her books,and watched her every time she made an aparents on Montel! My sister and I wanted to see her in person. She was such an amazon lady. I'm so sadden with her passing! She will always remain in our hearts! God bless you and your family and my deepest sympathy to your family! May the lord take you to your next journey Sylvia! You will be missed! Belinda C
dian s wrote:
my heart goes out to sylvias family, her woderful ministers and all her churches. she has changed my llife dramaticly. im glad she is ok. my partner and i feel a loss because she Dian S
keeley m wrote:
I am so sorry for your loss. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. The whole world will not be the same without her. I love her. I am so glad I got to meet her recently. She gave me hope when I had none. to me now there is this sad void on this planet that cannot be replaced. my heart goes out to you and all of us. keeley m
marianne wrote:
condolences on the passing of your Mom. I saw her years ago when she came to Calgary and have read many of her books. I have always believed in many things your Mom wrote about but until I found her did not read anything that really resonated with me. I pray for you and your family. I know Sylvia will be checking in on you and smiling down on you until it is time for you to join her! Take care Marianne Calgary, AB
andrea wrote:
please accept my heartfelt condolances on your dear mom, sylvia's graduation to the other side. I mourn with you as if she were my own mom. i was distanced from God at a time in my life which I believe was my desert period. I had read several of your mom's books and went to a book signing at Eastridge mall. while waiting in line a women asked me if I had ever attended Novus Spiritus. I had not. she explained the ceremony to me while we were standing in line. I beleve at that time the seed was planted, because several months later I attended services on Hellyer Ave in San Jose. From that first Sunday that I attended, I feel as though I leave the service with blessings and grace and a reconnection to my faith and God. Something I was never able to experience before. I look at life's issues in a more calm and meaningful manner than I did before. Your Mom posessed a special gift from God and her legacy and spriritual work will continue for those seeking the spiritual truth. Sylvia was and always will remain a very special lady to all of us. God grant you and your family the peace and comfort knowing she still remains with you spiritually and all of us will meet her again. sincerely, andrea berti andrea b
Tiffany wrote:
I send my deepest condolences to you and your family. Your mother truly inspired many, putting faith & hope back into humanity. love & light Tiffany
Linda B. wrote:
My thoughts and prayers are with you + yours. I will always be thankful that Sylvia brought me back to my faith; helped me to learn + understand it and it is stronger than ever. It has allowed me to be able to share it more comfortably with my kids, and help them. Was glad I got to see + hear her a couple of times in Indianapolis. Sorry I never got to have one of her conference calls or meet her personally. I felt she was like a sister I never had. She will be terribly missed, but I have them memories and all her books, cassettes....Take care and be good to your selves. Linda B
Marcela B. wrote:
I'm grieving along with the millions of others who loved and respected Sylvia. Most thanks to her for introducing Mother God to me and for improving my relationship with Father God. I know you will still inspire others from the other side. Until we meet on the other side my dear friend. Marcela Marcela B.
Paula wrote:
Chris, I am so sorry for your loss. During my reading on Monday, we spoke of my mother and her remaining time on this earth. Through your additional comments, I could tell that you had a wonderful relationship with your own mother...a relationship that will always be there, just in a different form now. I wish you and your family peace and comfort in the days, weeks and months to come. God bless. Paula
Michael wrote:
I was so sorry to hear you passed to the otherside yesterday. We love you Sylvia. Please find my father and sister in laws who both passed last year a month apart and has devestated my wife. Please tell them to contact Leslie and let her know they are with her daily. Whatever sign they can give her that only she would know. Rest in peace Silvia. Love you. Michael
Shonnette N wrote:
Denice S. wrote:
My Daughter just texted Me to tell Me She bought Me tickets for Christmas to see Sylvia in January in Easton, PA. I was so Sad to hear that She passed away yesterday. I have Loved Sylvia for years going back to the first time I saw Her on the Montel Williams Show. I would have Loved to have seen Her. RIP Sylvia Brown Denice S
Pattie C. wrote:
Sylvia's passing will leave a void in the lives of so many! I was fortunate enough to have met her and went to several of her shows. She touched my life in many ways and made me a better person through reading her books and taking her philosophies as my own. Her books have had a special place in my home for years and now she will have a special place in my heart forever. We know she is on the Other Side now and at great peace, probably walking around saying "I KNEW it would be this wonderful!" Walk beside God, Sylvia. You will be missed. Pattie C.
Peggy C. wrote:
Sylvia was so special, my daughter and I had the opportunity to see her in person February 2007. I'll never forget the girl next to me got picked to go up and talk with Sylvia. Before the girl could really start asking anything Sylvia said your parents do not approve of the guy you are dating. The girl said my parents are deceased, Sylvia said yes and they do not care for that guy, the girls boyfriend was sitting next to me and I thought he would melt, he was so embarrassed. The evening was so special for me because my dad was at home, he was in transition, he was in and out of it, we had been caring for him for weeks, to help make his passing more comfortable, it really helped us to deal with it because we knew 100% that he was going to be just fine. PEGGY C.
Elizabeth S. wrote:
Wed Nov 20th, 2013. As I sat here this morning catching up on the morning news I read of Sylvia's passing; my heart felt condolences go out to you Chris & all her family friends. She always held a special place in my heart & I just read a note by someone that we lost her light. We didn't; her light shines brighter now than it ever did and I believe we will soon see that. The Irish in me celebrates her life; her legacy. Her journey has not always been an easy one; but, in God's eyes she passed with wings & is so ready for the next part of her journey. Always Elizabeth Elizabeth M S.
Barb C. wrote:
Chris, I am so saddened to here your Mom passed away. What joy, hope and love she gave to all of us through all the years. I know she loved you very much and was so proud of you. Take care, and thank you for your Mom. Barb BARB C.
Natalie C. wrote:
Dear Browne Family, I'm so very sorry to hear of your mother's passing. She was a wonderful person. I had a reading with her once and I never forgot it. She was right on everything. We all lost a beautiful woman. My heart go's out to your family. I'll never forget Sylvia. Sincerely, Natalie C.
Tina H. wrote:
Hi Chris! I just wanted to let you know that you were absolutely right 8 years ago when you said that I would meet and marry my husband within a short period of time, and that we would have a baby girl. Her name is Meghan, and she will be turning 6 in November! Furthermore, your mother's description of my husband - even down to his facial hair and the color of his uniform - was spot on! I may be calling you for another reading before long -- to find out when I will finally have a job again! I got laid off in January. Again, many thanks! Tina H.
Lynda U. wrote:
I do enjoy watching you on television keep up the good work! Lynda U.
Kat B wrote:
Hi Sylvia, I just bought and read your book about Azna and said to myself ..:"yeah right,wishful thinking" . As you said in a book,try and ask her,it cost you nothing to try,so I did. I asked for $5000/month,I asked for our business to get better and my parents health to get better.I got all three within 2 weeks time.I am sooo grateful to her and to you for telling me about her.My life will be so much better from now own. Love you Syl,you are the best : Kat B
Brenden Q. wrote:
Hi Chris, I hope you are reading this. I wanted to let you know that I loved the reading; it was really fun. I really really mean that : I am seeing how things play out right now-everything is great with me. Thank you so much. The reading helped me greatly. I was wondering if it is possible to ever schedule another reading during my life in case I need one. Thank you very much. Love, Brenden
Terry K. wrote:
Hi Chris, Two years ago I had a phone reading with you. Two of the things you mentioned to me did happen. One of my court cases ended and met someone here in the states on a visa. Although we have known each other for a short time, the connection we had was instant and I am sure he is the one you saw. Unfortunately it did not last long, but the details provided could not have been made up and were things nobody, not even myself could have known.
Michael D. wrote:
Remember when you said I was leaning toward diabetes. Well today I learned I have it. I watched my diet like you said and in fact I always have. It looks like this is genetics. But thanks for warning me anyhow. Michael D.
Kevin K. wrote:
Hello Chris, Thank you for a very insightful down to earth, excellent psychic reading on May 1, 2013. I so value your books. Your awesome as is your mother. God bless you both, Kevin K.
Michael D. wrote:
Dear Chris now that I look back on our reading I can see that I could have asked you more. But you gave me some great advice and some hope for a life that may seem hopeless at times.
Barb W. wrote:
Dear Christopher, This is the first time I have written to you. I just wanted to say that I can really see that you are a good person and a handsome one but you probably know this, keep doing what you do because your mom and you are special people. Keep helping others and I will do this to. Sincerely, Barbara God bless you and you whole family
Lori C. wrote:
Dear Chris, I was so excited to have discovered your books, love your 'no b.s.' style. While I believe in giving credit where credit is due, you have MORE than done that. I am in the process of reading Sylvia's books as well. What I would like to see is a book completely about your work. I am a HUGE fan of Sylvia's, I also believe YOU have done good work. I am looking forward to getting a reading with you for my daughter, we are lucky enough to be in driving distance, and she, obviously, can't read her own chart. I just need to verify with the office how young you will take clients, I haven't seen that anywhere. I would LOVE to read a book on your readings and work, just about you.
Thanks! Lori
sara f. wrote:
chris thank you for the reading. i'm ready for another reading but i have to wait 4 to 6 months. please if possible let me have another reading soon, i have so many more questions.
Tracey G. wrote:
Christopher, my love, my friend, & my family. Thank you so much for my reading. Speaking with you was like talking to an old friend. Truly! You are such a sweet and gifted soul! Your voice and words brought such comfort to me, especially when I was going through a difficult patch in my life. And, I thank you and Love You with all that I Am.
Walter G. wrote:
Thanks so much for the highly interesting and quite surprising reading on. I believe my head is still spinning. Of course, the best part for me was our discussion of my novels. I had hoped for the longest time that I was on the right path and they were what God brought me here to do. Your confirmation that they would not only be published but would end up best sellers was so exciting to hear. Hopefully my efforts will actually make this world an ever so slightly better place. Again, thanks so much. I leave you with this - Politics? Really? Walter
Phoebe J wrote:
I had an amazing reading from Chris in 2007. I was blown away by all he told me and he was very accurate, I must say.
Joe J. wrote:
Thanks so much for the reading on Nov. 27th. Your responses to my questions were at once spontaneous and thoughtful, although, one in particular, regarding a recent breakup of a relattionship, not what I wanted to hear, yet somehow knew you would respond in the way that you did. It was confirmation of what I truly needed to hear! I can move forward with my life now without the constraint of a hurtful breakup holding me back. Joe
Trisha C. wrote:
Hi Chris, you predicted that I would get my jaw broken 2 years ago and today, I finally got the best news ever! I will get braces and get my jaw surgery underway in less than 2 years from now. Thanks so much for giving me hope! Hugs from Quebec! :)
Indian Medicine wrote:
Chris- Read your Book & I appreciate you looking ahead of your Clients by NOT making them Dependent on you & your Mother or unnecessary Readings. -That is a Teachers Gift to the Student - I also appreciate that you are Non-Judgmental in your Readings, which is a True Gift from The Creator; that fosters "healing" and not "guilt". I believe that many of our Returning Veterans are wearing "Guilt" that they Did Not Earn; and thus the PTSD Epidemic among the Ranks. I suggested "Hypno Therapy" too be included into possible remedies and "Wellness Plans" for the Veterans Administration. I have also cited your organization as a possible avenue for this elected treatment plan. This is just a motivator E Mail for you & your Staff to "Keep Driving On", there is certainly enough work out there for everyone. Again, Thank You & Yours, With Respect, Indian Medicine.
Andrew R. wrote:
I adore your book, Ill be at the office in October, hope to meet you, you have amazing energy and I adore both you and your mother very much! Thank you for the wonderful blessing of your gifts!
Jennifer M. wrote:
Thank you for my reading Chris. It has been very hard to deal with my relationship and i am trying to move forward but just don't have the strength. I hope I can find a good man like you someday to sweep me away. Thank you for being honest. Any woman would be so lucky to have you by her side. jenn
mario v. wrote:
Hi chris just wanted to share my apprecation for all you and your great mother do. Both of you have GREATLY impacted my life and are such a great inspiration to me and I am sure countless of others as well. I truly thank god for you both and truly pray from the bottom of my heart that he blesses GREATLY your family and love ones.
Salina A. wrote:
Hello Sylvia. I just join the inner circle gold membership and recently read with your son Chris. Your son was so kind to me and patient. Over the years I had seen you on Montel Williams show and then once in person in Culver City, California years ago. I was in the front area of the auditorium. At that time, my mom had recently past away. She was a minister, upset, I was feeling lost and could not figure out my life's direction. I went to see you to ask if my mom was around me and what direction in life should I take for career & Love? I was raised with the idea that psychics are not something God wants us to indulge in. I don't feel that way anymore. I remember you asking the people in the front (auditorium) in Culver City to just yell out their question and my body just froze. The girl next to me just yelled out her question and you answered it. I cried all the way home. Boy, I wish I had yelled out. That was over 10 years ago. I am older now and believe that God has a purpose for all of here on earth and it is up to us to live our lives in a good way. Sometimes, we get set off track and I don't see anything wrong with getting guidance to live or prepare for our destiny here on earth. I have gone through a lot the last several years with divorce and heartaches. Trials and tribulations.... After speaking with Chris, I feel like I am on my way out of the storm. Thank You Chris and your mother. I wish you a very Happy Mother's Day!
Marie Z wrote:
Dear Chris, I didn't get a chance to adequately thank you for the phone reading you did for me. You were right on about so many things, and I was too busy processing what you were telling me to acknowledge that. I am so appreciative that you have dedicated your life to using your abilities to help others. Thank you so much for your efforts. The reading you provided me has brought me much peace. God Bless you and your family! Sincerely, Marie Z.
Edwin S. wrote:
Can't tell you how excited I was with the accuracy of your reading! I keep walking around the house saying "WOW". Thanks and God Bless you all.
Kristi W. wrote:
Thank you Chris. So much of what you shared with me during a reading has come to light over the past year...still waiting on a 'special something' and hope that he blesses our lives soon...but thank you
Melissa K. wrote:
solvi irene v. wrote:
Hi Happy New year and Thank you Chris for special fee,So more people can afford to have a reading whit you.
veronica v. wrote:
Chris, I hope you and your family have a wondering Christmas and an exciting new year!! Thanks for all that you and your mother do for us on daily basis. veronica v.
Jennifer T. wrote:
Happy Holidays!!
Sharon L L. wrote:
I have a reading coming up with you for Dec 7th. I can hardly wait!!!!! Thanks for coming down in your price so I could afford to do this. :) Sharon L.
Darlene G. wrote:
Howdy Chris! Just want to wish you a "Happy USA Thanksgiving" and eat lots and enjoy eh?
Melissa K. wrote:
Jennifer M. wrote:
Thank you for my reading Chris, Bless you and your mom for all the positive love and hope you both bring into our lives. love always Jennifer M.
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