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Sylvia Browne's Book of Dreams
Learn how you can make positive changes by heeding the messages contained in your dreams.
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Author: Sylvia Browne
Publisher: Penguin Group
Published: Jan 06, 2002
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Sylvia Browne's Book of Dreams offers a window into our souls and a doorway to The Other Side. Illustrating her findings with the research and inspiring real-life stories that are her trademark, Browne shows how your dreams influence everything from your memories to your health and well-being to your relationships. Learn how you can make positive changes by heeding the messages contained in your dreams. And you can reconnect with your departed loved ones through the phenomenon of these altered states of being. From recurring dreams to daydreams, from dreams that comfort to dreams that force us to confront our deepest fears, Sylvia Browne's Book of Dreams illuminates the path between our conscious and unconscious minds and shows why our dreams are among the most important and misunderstood connections we have with portals to The Other Side.
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Customer Reviews 
  September 17, 2012
By: Jim (Escondido, CA)
Very informative book! I love how Sylvia offers you a realistic way to view your own dreams and learn the insight from the dreams that you have.
  September 16, 2012
By: Ellen (CRESTON, OH)
This is a very practical book. It teaches you how to analyze your own dreams. Sylvia never disappoints me.
  September 15, 2012
By: Alicia P. (Pittsburgh, PA)
This is the most comprehensive description I have read to date concerning dream interpretations. I had to purchase an autographed copy for my mother, who is the ultimate Sylvia Browne fan.
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