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Secret Societies
And How They Affect Our Lives Today
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Author: Sylvia Browne
Publisher: Hay House
Published: Sep 01, 2007
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Fresh from the success of her book Secrets & Mysteries of the World, Sylvia Browne now writes about the clandestine world of secret societies. Sylvia's research, combined with her amazing communication with her spirit guide Francine, has uncovered the fact that many secret societies affect the lives of each of us every day . . . whether it be in the areas of religion, politics, economy, government, crime, or other worldwide influences. She shares her knowledge of the conspiracies, coverups, long-held secrets, misinformation, and power manipulations of secret societies in both the past and present and how they can affect us today and in the future.

From the mysterious secrets of the Knights Templar to the powerful secret societies of the modern age, Sylvia takes us on an amazing journey to explore and unearth the truth. She discusses the amazing influence of the Freemasons on our Founding Fathers, the influence of religion on earth-shaking secrets and terrorism, the agenda of powerful secret societies for a "New World Order," and much more.

Sylvia explores it all, and even gives us information on a powerful secret society that no one has even heard about. So lock your windows and doors and read about these societies and their secrets . . . some will really raise the hair on your neck!
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Secret Societies
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Customer Reviews 
  October 11, 2012
By: Sarah (San Diego, CA)
This was a great read. It's a wonderful thing that Sylvia and a publisher has the courage to write such a insightful book. Thank you Sylvia for all you do!
  October 10, 2012
By: Bruce W. (DEMING, NM)
I found this book to be very interesting. I have done my own research on several of these "secret societies" and find Sylvia's research highly plausible. I'm glad the we have author's like Sylvia that are not afraid to bring some truth out of the darkness into the light.
  October 09, 2012
This book is powerful, informative, to the point, and well written. This is a must read. It will open yours eye's and your mind.
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