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My Psychic Journey
How to be More Psychic
Item: #30210
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Author: Chris Dufresne
Publisher: Hay House
Published: May 15, 2006
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In his vast experience of doing psychic readings for thousands of clients, Chris Dufresne recounts numerous examples of some of his most memorable and significant psychic consultations, along with many affidavits from past clients.

Chris and his mother, world-renowned psychic and spiritual teacher Sylvia Browne, have always been firm believers that each individual comes into life with their own innate psychic ability; and this book provides you with instructions and exercises that you can use to further develop that unique ability, along with the responsibilities and ethics that should be followed in conjunction with this development.
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Customer Reviews 
  August 30, 2012
By: Janice (LUBBOCK, TX)
I loved reading his book. It is very interesting to hear from Sylvia Browne's own son. He is a beautiful soul and light worker.
  August 25, 2012
As a Sylvia Browne fan, I was very interested in reading her son's book and it was comforting to see his writing flows in the same manner as Sylvia. I enjoyed this book. It's nice to see a different perspective from the same household. He gave good details about what goes on behind a day in the life of a psychic. I was very touched by his style and honesty.
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