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Angels, Guides, and Ghosts
Sylvia Browne dispels the popular myths about angels, spirit guides, and ghosts.
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Author: Sylvia Browne
Publisher: Hay House
Published: Nov 15, 2004
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In this unique CD program, world-renowned psychic Sylvia Browne dispels the popular myths about angels, spirit guides, and ghosts. With her trademark candor, she explains that you can communicate with your angels and guides, and that they're here to help you along your journey. In addition, she covers topics from forgiveness to reincarnation, shares some of her personal experiences with these celestial beings, and provides helpful tips on effective prayer.

Sylvia also imparts methods to protect yourself from a psychic attack and determine whether your loved ones are sending you messages from the Other Side. Then, using a healing meditation, she shows you how you can unite with your angels and spirit guides whenever you choose to do so. In closing, Sylvia uses her abilities to answer audience questions and shed light on what really happens when we leave this plane of existence.
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Angels, Guides, and Ghosts
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Customer Reviews 
  November 15, 2012
By: Sandra P. (RIGBY, ID)
I was very pleased with this CD. I played it over and over again. I will pass it along to my daughter.
  November 14, 2012
This is one of the best cd's I've heard in a long time. This was very soothing and easy to listen to. Anyone who likes Sylvia Browne must have this cd. It is very helpful, very funny, and very much needed info for some people out there who are lost and need understanding on these topics!
  November 13, 2012
By: Roger (TUCSON, AZ)
This audio book is a recording of Sylvia at her best with live audience. She covers the topics with sensitivity, personal experience, and great insight. Her interactions with the audience mix laughter with comfort. Sylvia Browne is a treasure!
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